Battlefield 4 netcode patch with major fixes

We have some good news for Battlefield 4 players now. Amid the big discussion on Battlefield Hardline, the cops vs robbers style game that is on the way later this year, we now have a confirmation that DICE are finally looking at a major Battlefield 4 netcode patch.

Ask most Battlefield 4 players what they would most like to see fixed in the game and we’re willing to bet that most of them will say that a Battlefield 4 netcode update is priority.

Luckily, we can now give you the good news that DICE are planning a ‘major’ Battlefield 4 netcode patch. There’s no word on when it will go live, but DICE DM was speaking about the game in reference to the recent news about Battlefield Hardline, promising BF4 players that the game won’t be forgotten about.

You can see the statement in full for yourself over at the Battlefield Blog. We are also hoping that when this netcode patch does go live, it will include all versions of Battlefield 4, including PS4 and Xbox One on top of PC which DICE will likely prioritize.

If you have been playing Battlefield 4 on a daily basis, let us know what you think the biggest problems are regarding netcode. Is it the hit register that needs to be looked at the most in your opinion or something else?



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