WWDC 2014 schedule of events

Those of you who are really looking forward to WWDC 2014 should be reminded that Apple has an official WWDC 2014 app which is the best tool available for the WWDC 2014 schedule of events.

Apple are expected to take the lid off many of their 2014 secrets, one of which is certain to be iOS 8 which will likely be launched towards the end of the year with the iPhone 6 release date.

We have seen from previous events that WWDC is generally used to promote Apple software. Aside from the iOS 8 announcement, there is also big speculation that Apple will unveil the Mac OS X 10.10 release date to the world, which will come with some exciting improvements from Mavericks.

Now, we can see that Apple has already shared a partial WWDC 2014 schedule of events thanks to the WWDC app. We say partial as obviously Apple are not willing to disclose all of their secrets via the app on the eve of the event.


Once the event begins at 10am Pacific Time, the schedule on the event should change to reveal some missing information, or at least give you a heads-up on Apple’s plans for the rest of WWDC 2014 once the main keynote is finished and the secrets are announced by Tim Cook.

Although not confirmed yet, the official WWDC 2014 app could be one way to access a WWDC 2014 live stream, which Apple has already confirmed will be available on

Check out the official WWDC app right now and let us know if you will be using it to keep updated with the latest WWDC news as it happens.



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