Watch Dogs Scafati GT location for fastest car

Watch Dogs is proving to be well worth the wait, with the launch going fairly smoothly for Ubisoft, not to mention giving gamers a welcome break from GTA V. Now, attention has turned to Watch Dogs online and specifically, the Watch Dogs fastest car location as players look to pick up the fastest ride possible.

There are many GTA V players who have specifically moved over to Watch Dogs for the launch and there is going to be an inevitable comparison between the two games. Specifically, we have already seen a big demand on how fast the Watch Dogs cars are and which is the best model to pick up.

Although the game has only been out for a few days, we have already seen some claims that the fastest car in Watch Dogs has been found. The car is located in the north east past of the map, which you can see in the image that we have provided below.


In this location, you should find the Watch Dogs Scafati GT motor which is easily one of, if not the fastest motor in the entire game. You can pick one up for free, but after that you can call it via your phone if you have a cool $50,000 spare.

It’s a great car to pick up for free if you need it for certain missions. Remember that Ubisoft are certain to introduce more cars in Watch Dogs DLC so it may not be the fastest for very long.

Let us know if you have found this car yet and if you think it is also the fastest car in the game. Feel free to offer an alternative car if you think it is better.



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