PS4 June 2014 games join Xbox One releases

By Daniel Chubb - May 29, 2014

If you are still not happy with your current Xbox One and PS4 games collection, then let’s take a look at the PS4 June 2014 games lineup and Xbox One game releases expected in the same month. Both have a range of new titles due, but how you rate these releases will depend on the type of games you like and of course the new console you own right now.

New Xbox One and PS4 games in June 2014 – owners of Microsoft’s new console will get the opportunity to purchase Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark, Murdered: Soul Suspect, Worms Battlegrounds, EA Sports UFC, and digital download Valiant Hearts: The Great War in this month.


PS4 owners will also get to purchase the above named titles, but also The Swapper and those of you in the UK/Europe will miss out on PSN’s Worms Battlegrounds and gain Sniper Elite 3 instead.

Murdered  Soul Suspect hinted with PS4 release

Are you happy with the current lineup of games? We have included some game trailers for the PS4 and Xbox One June 2014 games, which you can see in the videos below this article. Take a look and let us know what you might buy in the upcoming month, and of course how you feel about these releases.

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  • SlyBoy78

    Great games for both systems…i agree. I own both and love both. Been playing the heck out if titanfall lately….truly a fantastic game ! Hoping for a great summer of quality releases for both systems !

  • man dem

    Yes. yes I am. Trials fusion alone is plenty for me. Add to that battlefield 4, killzone and wolfenstein for the shooting, transistor and child of light for the rpg’ing. Plenty of sports if you are into that. Towerfall is great for multiplayer, the open worlds of infamous and now watch dogs. Spooky outlast, Plenty of great games to be playing. Cant honestly say I have played a bad one on ps4 yet. Having said that, Im avoiding basement crawl. It looks horrible.

    • Jhonny B.

      Agreed…plenty of great games to play. Forza, dead rising 3, ryse, plants vs zombies and titanfall gobbling up my time. Titanfall and plants vs zombies are two of the best multiplayer shooters i have ever played. Still loving nba2k hoops and fifa also. Kinect sports rivals is fantastic fun with the wife and kids as well when looking for some together time. Watch dogs is a great new release as well. Cant wait for sunset overdrive and the free games with gold in june. Games on xbox one have been fantastic !