Mercedes GLA commercial before Mario Kart 8 DLC

Those of you who are picking up Mario Kart 8 this week may be very interested to hear that there are already Mario Kart 8 DLC plans on the horizon. It appears that Japanese gamers are getting something very special though, thanks to a collaboration with Mercedes.

The ending result means that Japanese gamers who buy Mario Kart 8 will get free DLC featuring the Mercedes GLA as a selectable DLC kart. We’re not sure what is better though, the image of Mario riding the Mercedes Kart below as it will appear in the game, or the amazing trailer that Mercedes has released to advertise the upcoming DLC.

Remember that Mario Kart 8 has just launched in Japan so it’s nice that fans in Nintendo’s home country get to enjoy the game first, especially with what looks to be exclusive DLC which is always nice.


So far, there has been no confirmation that this Mercedes Mario Kart 8 DLC will release for UK and US regions, but obviously we hope Nintendo has some news to share on this soon.

For now, enjoy the image and trailer here and let us know if you would love to drive around on Mario Kart 8 in a special Mercedes DLC kart.

Could this be the start of something interesting for Nintendo in terms of branded motors?



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