Ferrari California T review stresses FF dilemma

The current Ferrari California is showing its age seeing as though it is around six years old, and so we can fully understand why they would want to refresh the model. The Ferrari California T is said to be a vast improvement over its predecessor and looking at the video below, we can see what areas have been improved.

What makes this model so different is the addition of a turbo, something you don’t usually associate with Ferrari, but we have entered a new era, one that there might be no turning back from. We have come across an intriguing Ferrari California T review because they point out that while Ferrari may argue that this latest model is an everyday car, this is also the same as the Ferrari FF, which they say offers a “wonderful sensory experience.”

It is for this very reason why we are anxious to see more Ferrari California T reviews, but in video form because only then can we get to see what the new California T model is all about. People will be confused as to why they should choose the new Ferrari California T over the FF, and it is the hope that these reviews will help clear the matter up.

Ferrari California T review

We can understand that some of you will be looking to the AMG SL63 and thinking that this is a much better option, but don’t let the use of a turbo in a Ferrari put you off. The guys at Maranello have done a good on the turbo so that it works in perfect harmony with the 3,855cc V8 engine, which produces 560 horsepower with no turbo lag.

However, the chink in the armor would be the Ferrari California T price, as this costs £154,490. This might not appeal to hardcore Ferrari fans, but we have seen in the past that there is a market for the California.



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