Beats Electronics designed by Jony Ive prospect

Ammunition were the brains behind the design if Beats Electronics products for years, and we are soon to reach an end of an era, this is because once Apple takes over they will not want to outsource design duties. Ammunition’s Robert Brunner has said that he will no longer be working on designing Beats products, and so we know with certainty that it will soon be down to Apple.

We do not know yet who this will fall to, but one can presume that we will have Beats Electronics designed by Jony Ive, seeing as though he is Senior VP of Design at Apple. Surely he will want the chance to show his skills and appeal to a different audience?

This will not happen overnight because the acquisition has only been agreed, and so the transition process will take a few months. Brunner has said that while he is sad to hand the reigns over to another designer, he does feel happy in the knowledge that Apple has one of the most successful design teams.

Beats Electronics designed by Jony Ive

Some Apple designs have been a bit controversial, and so got a mixed reaction from the industry, but on the whole they have a great track record. Before some of you look to the negatives of Apple designer Beats products, remember that Beats headphones have been criticized for their build quality, something that we know Apple will address and make use of stronger materials.

If this is the case, we just hope that Apple will not put an even larger premium on Beats devices. Are you happy that Apple will soon be designing Beats Electronics, and if so would you rather it be Jony Ive doing what he does best?



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