Battlefield 5 Hardline Heists hype after GTA V

We previously heard big rumors suggesting that a new Battlefield 2014 game was in development by Visceral Games and would be themed around police combat. Now we know that it is true, with EA revealing Battlefield 5 officially with Battlefield Hardline.

The game was initially due for a big unveil at E3 2014. However, you may have already seen a Battlefield Hardline gameplay trailer that was leaked this week, forcing EA to officially come out and say that it is true.

Head to the official website now and you’ll see that EA are promising to officially unveil the game on June 9. What we wanted to talk about before then though is something very exciting for fans.

The Battlefield Hardline trailer revealed one very important gameplay trailer for fans. Battlefield Hardline Heists is coming and it will allow players to participate in online bank Heists.

We know what you are thinking – GTA V Heists is still not out with Rockstar keeping gamers waiting a long time for similar content. We have already seen the sheer amount of jokes that are coming out on social media, with many gamers now wondering if Visceral Games can get Heists out before Rockstar does with GTA V.

Obviously we don’t know how Battlefield Heists will play out with the big reveal set for E3 2014. Let us know your initial impressions on Battlefield Hardline after watching the leaked 7 minute trailer.

What do you think of GTA V Heists competing with Battlefield Hardline Heists – who would have thought that this would happen?



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