Apple TV update for 4K, major 4G redesign

By Peter Chubb - Sep 22, 2014

There has been much talk in regard to an Apple TV device complete with a built-in screen, but the likelihood of this happening is very slim. Why would Apple wish to cause itself a headache and spend a huge sum of money on R&D when they can just let the likes of Samsung, Sony, LG and Panasonic do the hard work for them?

It is for this very reason why the next Apple TV update will be a set-top box, as this is the best solution, and allows Apple to concentrate on some much-needed features. There has been a huge debate among current owners as to what we are likely to see with the next version, and it is clear that the Apple TV 4G is in need of a major redesign.

Speaking of a redesign, we have seen some great concepts, but the image below has to be the best looking 4th generation Apple TV concept I’ve seen, but would you agree?

The last major redesign was back in September 2010 with the 2nd Generation model, and while there has been another generation since, its form factor has not changed, and so is long overdue.

Going back to that image above, we can see why this concept has proven so popular, but the idea of an Apple TV made from aluminum is a pointless once, as this would be an unnecessary cost, and could put it in a very different price bracket.

Apple TV update for 4K

However, we still like the design and would be ideal for the next generation Apple TV, but it needs to stick with plastic, as this makes the set-top box more affordable.

When the OS X Mavericks 10.9.3 beta version was released it showed that there will soon be support for scaling on 4K external displays, and so this makes us wonder what else Apple will offer this support for. So will the 4th Generation Apple TV come with 4K support, as this is the next logical step in improving image quality, although this will mean the content will have to improve as well?

We have already looked into other possible Apple TV updates, such as improving the way we control the device, and the likelihood of it being unveiled during WWDC 2014 next week rather than the iWatch.

How would you like Apple TV 4G to look design wise, and what is the likelihood of it coming with 4K support?

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  • MikeHSoCal

    I think the design should be as simple as it is now and focus on processing and storage. Aluminum would only make the cost higher and it’s not necessary. Apple has the technology but 4K content is lacking. With limited 4K content, it would be nice if Apple partnered with services like Amazon Prime and Sony’s 4K download service in addition to Netflix 4K streaming. That’s unlikely to happen as Amazon and Sony have their own content and new 4K players shipping this year. How about an Apple 4K original series?