Watch Dogs vs GTA V graphics after launch

By Alan Ng - May 28, 2014

How are you finding Watch Dogs so far after having a chance to play the game for a short while since launch? The game is available on multiple platforms, but so far we can see that there has been a big debate on Watch Dogs Vs GTA V graphics as a main discussion point.

Watch Dogs looks impressive on PC as expected, while the game is also very pretty on Xbox One and PS4. Gamers have been digging deeper into how good Watch Dogs looks on their platform though, by specifically comparing it to the graphics featured in GTA V – a PS3 and Xbox 360.

GTA V is a great looking game and could be something special indeed once GTA V for PC, PS4 and Xbox One arrives. So far it looks like there has been divided opinion on the graphics quality of Ubisoft’s latest title.

Personally, we think the game looks good. It isn’t cutting edge ‘next-gen’ graphics as some may have expected perhaps after watching the Watch Dogs 2012 tech demo, but it’s certainly a game that doesn’t look bad on next-gen hardware.

PC gamers will be able to get the most out of Watch Dogs graphics potential of course by tweaking, but those on PS4 and Xbox One should be satisfied too with such an open world scale.

Screenshot from the PS4 version

Screenshot from the PS4 version

Were Watch Dogs graphics overhyped too much on social media to the point where Ubisoft wouldn’t have been able to please everyone? We’ve seen some gamers say that Watch Dogs doesn’t even look as good as GTA IV on PC, we’ve included a video of this below for further examination.

Other gamers have commented on the general feel of the game and the general consensus seems to be that Ubisoft have delivered a very solid game on all fronts.

If you have been playing through Watch Dogs, let us know your thoughts so far. Are you happy with the graphics quality on your platform version, or were you expecting the game to look a little better than the final result?

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  • Pope Francis

    The majority of you ‘PC Gamers’ are pirates! I can almost guarantee that most of you have a pirated video game somewhere in your hard drive. I really do hope GTA V doesn’t come out for PC, or if it does, let it be 3-4 years from now to reach those lowlife leechers some lessons.

    • Oliver

      why are you so jelly peasants? the majority of console gamers are pirate too. you said like you never pirating games

    • AAj

      console gamers also piret. in case of watch dogs it started even befor pc pirets. so shut the !@#! up.

    • ThatOne

      Does playing console makes people ignorant? I will respect a game company that respect PC gamers. And Rock Starch ain’t one of them anymore. FYI a great deal of PC gamers also have consoles and because Rock Starch wait 6+ months to release a PC version after lunch means that a great deal of PC gamers will not buy the game a second time; even more so a year+ later. I could not care less if Rock Starch release GTA V or not. And if they do i will not pay more than $10 bucks for it (even if i have to wait an other year while at it).

      Rock Starch did not even have the decency to let the PC community know if they will in fact release it. They are concentrating on building the next gen version and would not be surprised if they make the graphic quality of the PC version any better.

      I would appreciate it if you think a bit further than your nose before posting your crap.

  • ThatOne

    GTA 5?!?! That game will be over a year old when Rock Starch decides to confirm or not it’s release on PC; and then release it next year if we are lucky. I’m not going to pay $60 for a game that is over a year old. I used to be a huge GTA PC fan but to hell with GTA 5; i’m buying Watch Dogs full price in a couple of weeks when my gaming budget allows it; hopefully sooner “if I’m allowed”… hummmm… renovating the deck should do the trick! 🙂

    For me it’s simple, i give a proportional amount of money to a PC game company as they have respect for PC gamers. As for GTA 5 i may buy it when i completed Watch Dogs 200% and/or when it’s less than $10 on Steam.

    • exinthevatican

      Seems you have enough money to buy games that barely came out with a price range of $40-$60. I could buy a game that is over a decade old and would still pay that much IF the game is great.

      • ThatOne

        Fair enough, to each their virtues i guess. But please tell me you would not buy full price.

        • exinthevatican

          The only games I EVER bought full price was CoD: Black Ops II in December 2012 and Grand Theft Auto V in October 2013 (I have a thing about getting games that are a month old lol).

  • reever

    Never mind, my phone did not load everything. 🙂

  • reever

    Am I seriously the only one that has noticed that the GTA V video is actually a GTA IV video…

    • exinthevatican

      I noticed that, too. I know, I know: “GTA V isn’t on the PC, yet, so” we are going to compare the PC version of IV and the PC version of Watch_Dogs! Hngggh Dgggrrrrrrr!”

  • tim

    In my opinion gta V is still better

  • Josh101

    From what I’ve seen, those car models. What HAPPENED???? Seriously…Wow. The explosions are really disappointing. After seeing Infamous in action, absolutely stunning, even knowing there are more people in Watchdogs, the graphics in Watchdogs are very over-rated. They should have went with a different mini-map as well. That screams GTA. Possibly the biggest reason there are soo many instant comparisons to GTA.

    • exinthevatican

      With the delay they announced a while back, Ubisoft should’ve taken some pointers from GTA V and try to improve them better if they said they were going to compete with the Grand Theft Auto series and other open-world games.

  • frankenstein

    well at least it didnt have a massive day one patch, like most of the new games atm.

    • OrokuSaki

      Which is too bad, cause it really needs some patching.

  • Arnau22S

    I have so much respect for GTA. I have watchdogs on my PS4 and I now have a bump in my throat because of sadness to how lazy Ubisoft is wrt watch_dogs, lazy asses. And the delay, was that to change all the realistic stuff and take it away? LMAO