Watch Dogs 1.02 patch fixes after glitches

By Alan Ng - May 28, 2014

While Watch Dogs offers a lot of fun for players, we can already see that some of you are running into some problems after noticing some Watch Dogs glitches during play.

This is obviously common for open-world games in the same bracket – GTA V is infamous for glitches and it looks like players have been finding the first Watch Dogs glitches too.

One of these includes players being trapped underneath the entire map, with the player still able to move around and look at a unique city view above. You can see evidence of this in a video that we have found, which will probably lead to a new patch update from Ubisoft.

We told you that a day one Watch Dogs 1.01 patch was live on Tuesday, but obviously now we are expecting bug fixes to come with the Watch Dogs 1.02 patch release in the next update.

Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you..

Just like Rockstar, we have a feeling that Ubisoft Montreal will be working around the clock on the next patch for the game as it hasn’t taken gamers long to find Watch Dogs bugs, glitches and ways to make money fast aside from ATM methods.

Let us know your impressions of the game so far. You can see in the animation above that Watch Dogs glitches are already live just days after release. What else have you found during your session and what would you like Ubisoft to fix for the next update?

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  • Julian

    Please I’m begging you, let ps3 users benefit from the multiplayer free roaming, otherwise the game won’t be fun when we beat it.

  • andre

    Why ps3 only have 4 online modes and ubi gonna add the others too ?

  • douglas ravi

    some changes to physics and a more responsive driving control would be nice. the way it is, i feel like I’m fighting with the controls. and yeah… please fix the AI issues. #WatchDogs #Ubisoft

  • Jlewis419

    Being able to get past the loading screen would be great. Opening uplay and downloading any content renders the game unplayable. A patch would be great.

  • Bardock72

    Please stop the periodic frame rate drops. pl00000x

  • TrickMeNot

    Actually being able to play the game would be nice…. (New Game Crash which is where all of my Watch Dogs time has gone into) >.< Even playing below the map would be an improvement to know that the game actually runs!

  • loboywright

    The game just gets super laggy and stutters at times. It also has ridiculous frame drops from time to time.

  • Lloyd Franklin

    The game also has flickering issues for Nvidia users, the shadows flicker and it gave me a headache so I turned them off.

  • Theonepistol

    I can’t access my season pass content even though it says its installed. Its just not in the game. I know some of it hasn’t come out yet but the day one stuff isn’t even there.

    • Andrew

      Same, here

  • wrqkbjl

    lol this bug SUCKS 😛 😀