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Surface Pro 3 update to fix charging issues

Those of you lucky enough to get your hands on a new Microsoft Surface 3 tablet found that it was a bittersweet moment, as some of these units had a fault, one that stopped them from being able to charge them. It is a good thing that this problem was found ahead of the Surface Pro 3 public release, as this could have caused a serious headache and marketing nightmare for Microsoft.

Microsoft has now confirmed that there is an issue with the Surface Pro 3, and that there are cases where those with test units have been unable to charge the battery after plugging it into a power outlet.

Surface Pro 3 update

The company is now working on a Surface Pro 3 update in order to fix the battery charging issues, and we would assume that it would be ready in time for when the device is ready for general availability.

You are asked not to allow this small glitch to put you off, as the Surface Pro 3 release date will still go ahead as scheduled because these affected units will have a day-one update if Microsoft has been unable to already install the update on Pro 3 devices.

The thing is, many stores might have already taken delivery, and so it will just require a simple update when you start your Surface Pro 3 up for the first time, although this is nothing new anyway.

The Surface Pro 3 battery life is going to be a big talking point because previous versions of the tablet have not offered the same sort of times as rival devices, although the new model is said to have improved battery life, although that is on paper.



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