PS Plus June update disappointment on PS4

By Alan Ng - May 28, 2014

We have been keeping you up to date on all PS Plus news regarding the next major update that is going to drop for Sony’s subscription service. PS4 gamers had been expecting a massive game to land, but we have seen information revealed early and reaction that many gamers are already unhappy over the potential PS Plus June 2014 update free game.

We told you earlier this week that Sony could be offering two PS4 games for free with the June update after it was officially revealed that RESOGUN would be leaving the PS4 Instant Game Collection along with Stick it to the Man.

This led us to believe that we would be having two free games instead of one for June, but some recent information has suggested that this isn’t the case. Some Playstation Ads have already gone live revealing that PS4 gamers will be given Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate as the main game for June.

PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate is the next game in the ongoing PixelJunk series and the twin-stick shooter is combination of the previous Shooter 1 and Shooter 2 games. It does feature cross-play with PS Vita as a highlight, but some of you may be wondering if this is all Sony will have to offer their fans during the month of E3 2014.


A lot of you had been expecting games such as Knack and Need for Speed to be offered instead, so we have a feeling some of you may be a little disappointed if Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate really is the only free game.

What we would say is that this hasn’t been officially confirmed by Sony yet. The company could decide to spring a surprise during their E3 2014 press conference and announce the other game that will be offered for the year – which seems likely at this point.

Let us know your thoughts on this leaked PS Plus June 2014 ad. Would you be happy playing PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate as the free game, or would you consider it to be disppointing?

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  • Derek

    Also of note, y’know, is the fact that PSN EU gets different stuff than in North America.

    Plus honestly, if you’re that disappointed in free games, perhaps you should turn to Microsoft. They charge more for their premium service and only dish out games from 3-4 years ago.

    • disqus_yHvGW3Su8x

      I’d rather have games like LA Noire than what we’re getting.
      Also it’s not free since it’s a paid service.

      • Derek

        The service is paid, yes. The ability to play online with the PS4 as well as access to discounts and other functions through the premium service is what you’re paying for. The games are complimentary, however.

        • disqus_yHvGW3Su8x

          Actually “it’s what you’re paying for” is not true.
          People get playstation plus without having a ps4, the ps3 install base is much higher than the ps4.
          I don’t use discounts because the games aren’t really that amazing.
          I don’t play any games online.

          The service is it all.
          Most people get plus for the games however, it’s why it had a lot of people hyping it before ps4 was even revealed.

        • disqus_yHvGW3Su8x

          You can’t implement your own ideals as the ideals of the many.
          “I think the games are complimentary, so that’s the marketing strategy”
          No that’s your opinion.

  • Sam

    In fairness those saying that this is disappointing are probably expecting a little too much. Also those saying that there are no games are also being a bit unfair.

    I got my PS4 a couple weeks after it came out, signing up to PS plus right away. So far for my money:

    Resogun’s – fantastic,
    Contrast – OK (although I haven’t had time to get far),
    Don’t starve -brilliant indie game I’d not have played otherwise

    Outlast – A substantial and well received horror
    Dead nation – sadly had a break in net connetion, so didnt play
    Mercenary kings – again, another genre, but a substantial and well reviewed game
    Stick it to the man – Original and funny

    Given the push on Indie this is completely in line with what PS4 have been focusing on for their gamer experience. Coupled with that we’ve got big titles like Killzone, along with multiplatform stuff like assassins creed and tomb raider coming out.

    Couple that with this months release of watch dogs and I think its reasonable to say that compared to past consoles first few months its been a fantastic time for games.

    Yes the newest offering is another indie game, but its got great reviews, and is it really reasonable to expect a AAA game, or even a big budget game, to be released for free (relatively) less than a year after release.

    So far I’m loving my PS4, with my most recent find being the brilliant child of light.

  • DiFiasco

    coming in July – Angry Birds: Star Wars…

  • The Shaggy Fox

    …. DISAPPOINTED!!! Seriously! It’s going on 8 months since the PS4’s release in November last year. We’ve had great games release within the first 2-3 months that are perfectly viable options. Need for Speed: Rivals would be great, Knack isn’t one of the best-selling PS4 games, Killzone: Shadow Fall is no longer the biggest-selling game on PS4 (COD: Ghosts is now). Other viable options are:
    – Daylight
    – Strider
    – The Amazing Spider-Man 2
    – Tomb Raider: Definite Edition

    • Ta’i Ngatokorua

      You serious? It’s ONLY been 8 months. don’t be expecting any big title for the ps4 plus until driveclub. It’s way too early to add any bigger title

  • Phage ling

    nope, looks awful. Cheap games. hopefully next year both systems get better games. (Although fall looks promising)

  • robby881

    Starting to get very unhappy with sony…1886 delayed and now this. Xbox one has better games out now…and what looks to be a better lineup coming. Plus they have games with gold starting on june 6…which gives 2 free classics per month and the games are classics which means they are all great. Sunset overdrive coming shortly…my ps4 going on ebay…system sucks.

    • Josh101

      I’ll buy it from you!! Games with Gold isn’t on 3 systems. Also, it’s not like they are giving great games on GWG on X360. Not nearly as close to the quality of games that PS+ gets. If you really want to sell your PS4, I’ll buy it from you.

    • Bruce Long

      Funny, I just sold my XB1 because it has no games coming out.

  • Josh101

    Would you be happy playing PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate as the free game, or would you consider it to be disppointing?
    I’ve been wanting PJ Shooter on my PS Vita for a long while. If I get this on the PS4 and PS Vita it would be what I want anyway. Free to boot? Yes and thank you. Dragons Crown in the PS+ update as well? That is a good deal. I already have DC though, it is a very addicting game. I’ve only beat it with one of the characters, but you can choose through 5 or 6 different characters and I’m only a level 80 out of 255 on one. That’s quite a bit of content. Remember, you can go on to Sony’s website and que these discounted or free games to build a backlog. So, when you find a PS Vita or PS3 or PS4 cheap, depending on your situation, you’ll have a large backlog of the free games offered in PS+.