Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate PS4 gameplay expectations

By Alan Ng - May 28, 2014

If you haven’t heard the whispers, it looks like PS4 gamers are now bracing themselves for the PS Plus 2014 update which may include PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate as the free game for June.

We know this as a PlayStation Ad has leaked prematurely already showing that PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate will be the free game. What we don’t know yet though is if Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate will be the only game that is offered during June, or if Sony are also planning to offer another game since RESOGUN will be leaving the PS Plus Instant Game Collection.

With this in mind, we give you a quick heads-up on the game that you will likely receive next month as a replacement to Stick it to the Man. The following gameplay is taken from Pixeljunk Shooter HD on PC, but as far as we’re aware, the Ultimate edition will simply be a combination of both Pixeljunk Shooter 1 and 2.

While this game looks ideal for some quick fun, it perhaps may not be the type of game that PS4 owners wanted to see as part of the Instant Game Collection. Sony has been offering indie games on PS Plus for a few months now, so are PS4 gamers right to expect a little more?

Then again, free is free and there will be thousands of gamers who haven’t experienced PixelJunk yet. Let us know how you feel about this after watching the gameplay and whether you are happy that this game will be offered for free.

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  • Josh101

    “Sony has been offering indie games on PS Plus for a few months now, so are PS4 gamers right to expect a little more?”
    It doesn’t matter if it’s and indie game or not. The fact that they would be giving yet ANOTHER game free on launch day is incredible. We may be getting indies, but soo far they have been really fun games. The Vita has been getting good games to play as well, with Limbo being the most recent. I got Limbo on Vita launch so, for those who didn’t they could que it. Even if you don’t have a PS Vita or PS3 right now and only a PS4, you can go to SOE’s website and que them for download at a later time. You can build a great backlog. If you ever see a PS3 or Vita cheap, you will have a ton of games ready to be played, free. It’s an amazing service.