Improving LG G Watch for messaging, data, and calls

Everybody and their dog seems to want in on the smartwatch market, and while they were very basic in terms of function at the start, there have been a number of improvements made, such as the Samsung Gear 2 range. However, there is no denying that the LG G Watch and Moto 360 are more anticipated because they form part of the Android Wear range.

Personally, Motorola has the better design, although not sure on the functions as yet. However, LG is already looking ahead to improving the LG G Watch, as a future version, possibly sooner rather than later could come with a SIM.

We are not certain if the SIM will be built in or if it will be removable, but either way, it shows LG’s commitment. If this rumor is in fact true, then adding a SIM to a future LG G Watch could allow features such as messaging, data and even calls, although that has yet to be confirmed.

Improving LG G Watch

These would be a big deal for LG, as this would mean you would no longer have to pair your G Watch to a smartphone in order to gain access to messages or data, making them a standalone device.

While this is a great idea to include a SIM, it isn’t if the Smartwatch is locked to a specific carrier, it is much better for the device to be unlocked so you have your own choice.



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