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HeadFoams: Headphones for kids limits volume

How many times has your child come up to you and asked if they could borrow your headphones? This will put you in a dilemma because while you will want to block out the sound from whatever they are listening to, you don’t like the thought of them using your expensive headphones, although you are more worried about the damage they can do to their ears.

If you have a set of headphones like Beats or something equivalent, you know that when the volume is turned up they can be very loud, it is for this reason why you should be reluctant to let your child borrow them. However, if they had their own set of headphones for kids, then your problems are solved.

This is where marblue comes in because they have recently launched a new product called HeadFoams, which are
 foam headphones for kids. These are child-friendly and because they limit the volume there is no way they can damage their ears while using these.

HeadFoams- Headphones for kids

You can see these headphones in action in the video below, but we can tell you that they are robust enough to handle what a three-year-old can subject them to.

HeadFoams are made from non-toxic EVA foam and so are child safe, they will fit most size heads, are flexible, which means they are also comfortable to wear, and look rather trendy – well for kids anyway.

The price of these headphones for kids is $40 and are available to purchase from marblue.



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