GTA V Online Heists preparation

By Daniel Chubb - May 28, 2014

We are around half way to the Grand Theft Auto V Online Heists release date considering the last update arrived just over 2 weeks ago. The next patch will be GTA V 1.14 with the Online Heists update, so how should you get prepared for the next add-on? This is exactly what one YouTube user wanted to talk about in their latest video.

In previous updates like High Life you needed to raise money and this was also helped by Rockstar holding events to raise RP and money in GTA Online. We could see something similar before Heists launches, and the video below this article touches on how to prepare for the GTA V 1.14 Spring update and Heists.

How will you get ready for GTA V Online Heists? We should also expect other items to arrive with the 1.14 update, as well as GTA Online Heists, so some of these might need more money among other things. You might have seen the new weapons teased in an article yesterday, which also highlighted the possibility of a Bowie Knife coming with GTA V update 1.14.

We’re not sure how much good a Bowie Knife would be against a Combat Shotgun, but it will certainly add more fun to GTA Online at least. Would you look at picking up a Bowie Knife after the next update, or would you rather see something to destroy tanks after seeing more gamers driving them in the multiplayer mode? Watch the video and leave your thoughts on wished for GTA V Online weapons and Heists preparation.

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  • Ulti x twitch

    It should be lvl100+ for heists lets face it noobs will just wreck the gameplay so if your under lvl100 u should be forced to do the hard yards like everyone else instead of piggy backing and getting major money and rp for probably wrecking the experience for the other players.

  • Heists will prove to be disappointing. You’ll see… Meanwhile, I’m learning how to find my way around in Watch Dogs.

  • ps3 GAMER4LIFE

    no jetpacks and new cars and stuff to buy i have everything

  • MrPaddock

    I would love to see anti-tank weapons sick of taking out tank pussies the hard way

    • Debubbly

      Sticky bombs and RPG’s
      I like rhino hunting

    • JustSayan

      Steal a fighter jet from the military base, and wreck those tanks with the cannon. Simple as that, even though it requires some flying skills ofcourse