Watch Dogs review scores are in

By Daniel Chubb - May 27, 2014

The major gaming websites are delivering detailed Watch Dogs reviews and offering up scores in their own way, so as normal you can see a roundup of these ratings below to get an overall picture. The review scores for Watch Dogs will have different markings and the way each site makes its decision will vary.

We’ve waited some time to see these Watch Dogs review scores, especially after almost half a year delay. Now we find out if the wait has been worth it and the the round up will give you a glimpse at the outcome.

Learn how to start Watch Dogs online multiplayer modes after the “They Can’t Hide” mission through the link, and be warned that extra time is needed for the 1.01 patch on both PS4 and PC.

Joystiq give the game a 4/5, CVG 9/10, DigitalSpy 4/5, Gamespot 8/10, Edge 8/10, GameInformer 8.5/10, PC Gamer 87/100, Destructoid 8/10, Eurogamer 7/10, and Polygon 8/10.

If you have your own review score or opinions, we’d love to hear them below.

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  • Shadowlolz

    Let’s see some actually user reviews of the game. People that didn’t get paid to say good things about this incomplete game??