Watch Dogs PS4 users stuck at installing data

By Daniel Chubb - May 27, 2014

We’ve been informed that hundreds of Watch Dogs PS4 users are stuck at installing game data on their machines, which comes after downloading the digital file and doesn’t seem to be related to broadband speed or server problems.

After looking at online forums and noticing hundreds of people complaining, we then decided to run a few tests for ourselves just to confirm that everything is fine or if there’s an issue with installing the game on PS4. We tried the install from a digital file on two separate PlayStation 4 consoles on the same network.

Our first game went just fine, although in our second test we noticed everything seemed a lot slower with this Watch Dogs PS4 getting stuck at installing data or at least very slowly. It has taken a number of hours now, and hasn’t moved off 87 percent in the last 30 minutes, as seen in the above screenshot.

We managed to play the game until the moment you have to blackout the stadium, then at that point we hit the “installing game data on the hdd” screen and have been pretty much stuck since. Some other PS4 owners have tried to restart the game and install process with no luck, so if this has happened to you then we’d love to hear about it in the comments.

Have you been installing Watch Dogs on PS4? If so, has yours been moving too slow in your opinion or frozen? Product Reviews has reached out to PSN support about the Watch Dogs digital install getting stuck, although we are yet to receive a comment.

Update: It looks like everyone gets stuck at the stadium when the game isn’t installed fully, and we’re not sure if you need to reach 100% to start playing again.

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  • Chedz

    Oh and I had the issue playing from disc and not digital download

  • Chedz

    Uninstall game, start up game without updating and continue, game should then install as normal

  • Zach Bauman

    What the hell ubisoft? You’d think you guys would have fixed this by now. This is dumb.

  • brian

    Just bought the digital copy for Ps4. It is June 20th, 2015. Why hasn’t this been resolved? It’s been a year since this thread was created.

    • Kjalar

      Im playing with a hard copy and i have been stuck on 9% for about 14 hours. But apparently it is not frozen, i got nothing.

  • connor

    Same issue and very pissed off as I spent $70 hard earned dollars on it and 30 minutes in I get this crap… Any solutions would be nice or a patch being that this game has had this issue for a while

  • federicp

    well i find a solution you need to re start the game always it appears so it will load more
    trie it and tell me

  • How do u download install it? Leave game in main menu?

  • Same problem. Thats joke

  • KingCR

    yeah i downloaded it yesterday it is stuck at 89% for the past two hours

  • tubbiersteak83

    erm … im stuck on the exact same thing for my xbox one but then I deleted it and installed it again and made it worse as I cant even click on it

  • Zohair Fakhar

    Will it continue to download in standby mode?

  • max

    me too it moves by 1% very slowly

  • Hm

    Me too at stadium .. 74%

  • R

    I have the same problem too the installation takes 1 hour to be 1% so I cant play for the moment.

    • Zohair Fakhar

      Is it working now?

  • Ab

    I didn’t have any problems with installment. The problem I’m having is halfway through the game. Game just doesn’t load up anymore once I press continue game.

  • Mr Jack

    Mine has been stuck at 35%. I started it and left it on when I went to sleep to discover that my PS4 had shut off over night and when I turned back in it was still 35% complete. I turned off the shut down option so it won’t turn off. I have it sitting now so hope it will continue to install. I can’t re download because I don’t have internet. I was lucky a friend let me download at their house.

  • mikemc29

    My game finished downloading while I was at work for 8 hours. So at least it did not take a whole 24 hours. I will probably buy my next game on Disk.

  • Hehehe

    Yeh I think that too but just wait it out

  • Number44

    What did I spend hours downloading if it’s downloading again now in the middle of the game? I think I want a refund.

  • Aaaaa

    On ps4 go to watchdogs but don’t start, press triangle and go down to information and look at the download status if it says completed it should work fine, if not completed you will have to wait for it before you can play any longer than the stadium. Also the download status corresponded with the time taken for the game data to install.

    • Tongy

      thank you!

    • Mine says 11GB/16GB

      ITS NOT moving or slow

      May b console was switched off durning download as i got 5h power save

      Should i reinstall?

  • Ryan

    I installed from a disc and it worked perfectly… 😛

  • SH man

    I think the message here is that this would wind everyone up far less if all this was done before being able to play. Almost like a teaser gone very wrong.

  • ronald mcfuckingdonald

    stuck at 66% been a few hours and hasn’t moved up yet…sucks balllllz

  • aaa

    I’m currently at 96%.. It has been about 7 hours now

  • Sammmmmy

    Is it only on digital

  • Sammmmmy

    I’m at 91

  • Jonathan Criado

    yeah, it happen to me. It is TOO slow, almost 10 minutes for 1% . :/

  • Tac

    Great way to get people on board with the plan to change to all digital, screw up a major day one release by half assing it. Even stayed up last night to download this so it’d be ready when I got home from work today. It said it was installed and automatically shut the system off only to find out it wasn’t actually done and it only downloaded and installed a partial file (to allow me to play 10 minutes of the game before stopping to download the rest, everyone loves a teaser of something they’ve already paid for and all the other consumers with disks are already playing right? ). That’ll get everyone on board. Four hours to go from 49% to 89 %. At this rate I’ll be done sometime in the wee hours of the morning. Way to go team, I for one will never buy digital again.

    • dturner

      It’s on disk too, I’m so pissed right now.

      • Tac

        That’s interesting, everyone else I’ve talked to that has a disk said they were playing in minutes with no issue

        • Ryan

          Playing from a disc worked perfectly for me.

  • Mine worked flawlessly and only took a few minutes….and I got the other four packs downloaded as well.

    • Miguel Cruz

      Did you download the game?????

      • LOL! Sometimes I should maybe not skim the article. I thought people were getting stuck on the patch. <—-Tiptoes away with his physical copy.

        • Miguel Cruz

          Lol its cool

  • Miguel Cruz

    What the heck is going on with this game???????

  • Miguel Cruz

    Im still waiting 51%

  • Carl

    mine started at 3 its 8 now and its 69%

  • Kianna R

    Since a portion of the multiplayer is intergrated into the storyline, will the download speed increase if you turn off that setting?

  • Michael

    I’m having the same problem. Just after the blackout, a downloading screen popped up. “Installing 25%”. I guess I’m not playing it tonight.

  • Beale Denver

    Hey i just figured out what the problem is. There is a small file to download for the installation so it should be quick BUT when surveilling the internet line the ping varies from 100ms, 200ms (normal) to -time out – time out- The only thing that can cause that is massive upload as download causes high ping around 300-500 but in excess of 4000ms causing timeout it can only come from massive upload. So? So Ubisoft is using your/ mine/our internet to send the pieces of the small file we already have to all the millions of other people trying to install it. Its extremely likely that is is using a Pear 2 pear similar to if not exactly a torrent. So you are not just downloading the 1 file, you are also uploading the file to the millions of other people installing it. Cheap. Normally such a function is optional and can be disabled when causing noticeable problems, ubisoft obviously decided otherwise. GG.

  • Alex_marr

    Mine started at 57% and about 8 hours later it’s on 83%…this thing is really starting to piss me off!!!! I’ve been waiting for this game and now it’s here and it’s taking forever to download, and I get 18.9 Mbps and it’s taking this long!!!!!

  • Beale Denver

    Same problem on xbox one (using the disk).

  • Malcolm

    Game installed from psn just fine, but then an installing screen popped up at 64% right after the blackout.

  • Sammmmy

    Mines at 44 now

  • Sammmmy

    How long did it take for u to get back in the game


    k im back in the game


    Im at 99% now

  • IXIRazielIXI

    I think you will find, that you are mostly downloading a small chunk of the Data required to play. When you first tried to download it should have said 22 gigabyte, what then lessened to around 3500 megabytes. I know this is stupid in the fact that people are waiting to play this game, and I do not really understand the gain from this. But at least I have given people a reason why it’s doing this.

    PS: I am on 59% and I am steadily downloading the rest. ._. My internet is shizz.

    • IXIRazielIXI

      If you go on to your PS 4 home menu, then go to WATCH_DOGS you will be able to go on to information, it shows it’s still downloading Data. Just in case anyone didn’t know. ^_^




    AT 96% ALMOST THERE!!!!!!!

    • Mohammed

      Can u pls tell us what did u do ? How did work with u ?


        I did nothing my download is just going by pretty fast im sorry you just have to wait what percent are you at?

    • bobby joe

      95%… so close… i can smell the pain of innocent civilians

  • Jesus Anzoategui

    Same here man >:( I really wanted to give this game a chance


      Trust me man give it time the whole game is worth it dont give up to soon


    Why is it stuck at 94% my god this game is beginning to tick me off

  • Mohammed

    Man i hate waiting ,, wtf is this im stuck at 27% on the installing game data on HDD? What should i do ? I’ve been waiting this game for so long !! That is the worst lunch day game ever !

  • Stop_acting_foolish

    Started at 7am, download was fast. Then the install is stupid. It’s 5pm now and only 60 percent done. You’d think a company with tons of games would be ready for launch day.

  • Jakobp182

    Been stuck at 66% for almost 2 hours


    Now at 84 % it took me about 3 hours to get here FINALLY

  • Alban

    I started playing the game after the installing were finished, now i am at the point where u blackout the stadium and then it says – installing .. 25% .. Dont shut the machine down under the installation !!!?? It was fully installed when i started to play!?? Wtf man
    And it is the digital version of the game and not a CD… Can someone help me???

    • Adam Clive

      should of got it on the ONE, the better console! ha ha ha

    • vinny

      Stuck at 29% this is ridiculous my internet speed is 12.5 mbps download and it took like 3 hours then i finally get the game running and the install gets stuck after ten minutes think I just want my money back

      • Alban

        I went to the store to get the game and it was sold out, so i thought i get it theough the psn store. But now its bugging and goin slow, i have a 80/80 connection and it is now on 32 %.!! Takes forever, wish i could get money back!!

        • Ralph

          Ik know man me too

  • Nanorisker

    What if you make a new game ? Doesnt that delete the old hdd data thing i did that and im playing the game now


      that really works??? Nanorisker

  • Atticus612

    I have an ethernet cable in, turned off my ps4 for 1 minute and loaded everything back up and went to the information section of watch dogs on the ps4 home page. my download is a lot faster now at 6 MBs a second

  • Adam Clive

    been playing mine on xbox One since 10am this morning lol ha ha

    • Donovan McIntosh

      it happened to my xbox one…….

  • bojasky

    Took me 2 hours to download 10%, then plugged in ethernet cable and started downlosding 1% per minute. Much faster than before, still very slow. 93% now, almost there.

  • me

    I play on disc and it worked fine. It was only on like 40% when I started playing.

  • dsadasdas

    How can Ubisoft not have tested this before release?? NooBs!


    Stuck at 61% I have payed way to much for this crap

  • lio

    even the ubisoft costumer support site stuck !!! wtf

  • Dogg

    Quit to main menu and then load it back up. Seems to increase by 1% every time you do this. Stupid…

  • lio

    any solution for this i paid 79 dollars for gold garbage addition

    • Keyvontay Owens

      me two i paid 80 bucks and has been stuck on 50 percent for two hours

  • Nickle pickle


  • bshu757

    mine works??

    • help339

      Is ur digital or disk

      • bshu757

        disk… got it this morning around 1030am

  • Nickle pickle

    Im so done with this. Paid 60 dollars for garbage

  • Nickle pickle

    Im at 52 percent…i keep checking the internet to see if anyone has any answers. Please! If u figure it out plz comment how, thanks

    • S.m. Ebrahim

      im trying to re install, while i cry. digital downloads are gay

  • S.m. Ebrahim

    im stuck. and im mad bro, this is seriously stupid.

  • Omar Devila

    im stuck too wtf!!!!!

  • TheCagedGolem

    i am also stuck i am really getting sick of games made by this company

  • angelcrespo

    also it was during the blackout.

  • angelcrespo

    stuck at 42% this is bull crap…

  • Adam

    Been stuck at 85% hope they get this fixed as so far it seems like a good game…well as far as like…10 minutes of gameplay goes

  • Mike

    Connect to the internet via ethernet an it will download like five times faster. It will only take about an hour.

  • Ramy

    Same here stuck at 96

  • michael

    Mines stuck at the stadium too right as I walk down the stairs during the black out….

  • Stephen

    Yup exactly the same thing i stated downloading after midnight went to bed woke up at about 9 played up to the blackout and am at 75% seeming to move up a % every30-30 minutes

  • Mike1527

    I talked to PS4 tech support and they suggested to uninstall the game and just reinstall it.


      Did it work?

  • breal401

    I been trying to play since midnight and its currently at 89%

  • Fermin

    Same here, right after the blackout, when I’m running out from the building.

  • bryan

    yep, exactly. damnit. currently 43%

  • mikemc29

    Yes I have the same problem!

  • Jezza24

    Mine was stuck at 41% for hours. I pressed the options button on the watchdogs icon, then scrolled down to the information tab. Under here you can check the progress of your 16gb download. I noticed that it was increasing at a rate of 1mg every 20 to 30 seconds – very slow. I shut down the ps4 and turned it back on. The download/install is now moving a lot faster about 1mb per second. Hopefully this fixed the slow process.

  • Mark Harrison

    +1 the download is VERY slow

  • Tom Constantineau

    It happened at the stadium for me as well… I’m at 98 percent… Lol really?

  • urworstnightmare

    I’m getting pissed I mean I payed 60 $ for this game I should be able to play it without having to wait 4 days after realease I want a reimbursement of some sort oh and been at 37 for past 3 hours

  • Tanner Havington

    Is this only effecting digital copies of the game or both digital and physical?

    • Beale Denver

      disk too

  • ourfriend

    Got stuck at 37% at the stadium part around about 3am. it is now 8am and its at 52%….