Watch Dogs digital price vs. Asda, Tesco, and GAME UK

By Daniel Chubb - May 27, 2014

Those of you looking at the Watch Dogs digital price and how it compares to Asda, Tesco, and GAME UK might get a little annoyed today and wonder why the price is so high? On the US Sony PSN store you can see the standard digital download has a price of $59.99, as seen in the screenshot below, and this compares to the same download in the UK costing £54.99.

There’s two ways to look at digital pricing on PS4 and Xbox One. Firstly, the price should be less thanks to not having the cost of a retail box and disc, although others feel the price should be higher not to hurt sales of retail boxed versions.

How the Watch Dogs digital price compares to UK stores – as we mentioned above, the UK digital download for Watch Dogs Classic Edition is £54.99. This compares to GAME UK offering a similar version for a lower price of £46.99, although you can pay a lot more if you opt for a special edition like Dedsec or Vigilante that could see the price double thanks to extras.


How do you feel about Watch Dogs digital PSN prices being higher than retail boxed versions? The Watch Dogs price at Argos starts at £52.99 for both Xbox One and PS4. Tesco price their versions even lower at £44 for PS4/Xbox One, £35 for PC, Wii U at £40, and PS3/XBox 360 at £42. Asda and Tesco like to match each other on price, and this is just the case with Watch Dogs on PS4 and Xbox One with some other platforms coming in slightly less.

If you have already purchased the game, then you might want to download the Watch Dogs ctOS app for iPhone and Android, which is live right now.

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  • pete

    Last I checked Watch_Dogs online price in the MS store is £59.99. digital is just too expensive right now to be viable.

  • Paul Hutchinson

    When I can buy the game from steam for 50% less than I can from ps4 or xbox one’s digital stores then you can be sure where I’m going to be spending my money.

    DVD’s are old hat and an ancient technology that should have died in the last generation. I want my games in the cloud / this generation can offer that but they’re pricing themselves out of the market.

    My PC will play the game at a better resolution anyway

    • Jack

      Sounds like you’re trying hard to sound like you know what you’re on about when you aren’t. Your PC won’t play at a higher resolution than a console, but the graphics themselves might be better. But only if you’re willing to shell out more than the cost of a PS4 to build the PC in the first place.

      Also it’s Blu Ray not DVD.

      And on steam this game isn’t 50% less, it’s £39.99.

      The only reason this game gets funded in the first place is because of the console sales.

      • Paul Hutchinson

        > Your PC won’t play at a higher resolution than a console

        Too obviously a troll.