Watch Dogs ctOS app user reviews uncovers problems

By Peter Chubb - May 27, 2014

Today’s release of Watch Dogs has not gone as smoothly as the developer had hoped, as there were a few issues from the start. There have been problems for those installing Watch Dogs on the PS4, which we also encountered, and some of you have also found that the companion app is not going to plan either.

People downloaded the Watch Dogs ctOS companion app at the same time as they were installing the main game, although some a bit earlier, and it was right from the start that some of you found issues with the app. However, it would seem that looking at early Watch Dogs ctOS app user reviews, it is just those with Android devices that have run into one or two issues.

On the whole, the iOS version of the Watch_Dogs Companion: ctOS Mobile app has positive reviews, but it is a different story for Android users. Having said that, it is early days and issues could come to light with the iOS version.

Some of the issues include – the app fails to connect to another friend and when you quit it does not remember your login details. Another player has said that they have been unable to connect to a single quick match game, and when you finally play a contact, you will become disconnected.

Watch Dogs ctOS app user reviews

Those are not the only issues people are having with the Watch Dogs companion app, as they have been very vocal on the Google Play Store. One particular user was rather positive with the app as a whole, but believes that this early edition comes with the inevitable growing pains.

These are just some of the problems, and you can read more here. However, we would like to know what you think of the Watch Dogs ctOS app, and what features and fixes you would like to see with the first update?

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  • 2stoned

    When I play the app and im controling the helicopter I dont see the other player… its just a blank city but I am playing the person. The red car is no where to b found

  • Tony

    Yea, keeps giving me network errors, can’t even log in right now, was hoping maybe I can just design some challenges while I’m waiting for it to be fixed, but no luck, it was fun the two times I was actually able to play though. Also, I know personally I’d love to see this enabled in the “real game” as in any time the player is wanted by police, you become active, the player could turn this on or off, that’s what I thought it was gonna be at first.

  • tman

    not to forget i keep getting a network error and i have good connection >_<

  • Andrew

    Let’s not forget about the app freezing the phone and not even getting pass the start screen