Watch Dogs 1.01 patch on PS4, PC

Today is officially Watch Dogs day for gamers across the globe. Most of you should now have the game in your hands, either via a Watch Dogs midnight launch event, receiving the game early or simply buying the Watch Dogs Digital version.

For those that are just about to boot up the game for the first time, we can confirm that a Watch Dogs Day One patch is required for PS4 and PC platforms. We haven’t had confirmation of the same update that is needed for Xbox versions, but we are assuming this patch is going live on all versions of the game.

The Watch Dogs 1.01 update is 90MB in size and officially includes the following changes: Matchmaking improvements for multiplayer mode and also AI improvements as well.

Other than that, Ubisoft has not said anything else on what the patch does. We wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a few other changes in there though that haven’t been made public.

As far as we’re aware, the only patches that are live for the game are the Watch Dogs 1.01 patch that is 90MB on PS4 and also a separate patch that NVIDIA are rolling out for Watch Dogs PC users that are using NVIDIA graphics cards.

As you can see in one Tweet here though, some users have encountered some issues after installing the Watch Dogs Day One patch – notably issues which may result in lost game progress. Obviously we can’t confirm if this is widespread at the moment, so let us know what your status is after installing the patch on your platform of choice.

Are you loving Watch Dogs so far, or have you noticed any problems that you want to tell us about below?



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