Start Watch Dogs online after They Can’t Hide

Those of you who are booting up Watch Dogs for the first time may be wondering how to start online on Watch Dogs straight away. We can give you a quick heads-up though as you first need to complete a few missions before unlocking the likes of Watch Dogs online Free Roam and Watch Dogs Online races.

The minute you load up Watch Dogs, you’ll instantly get an idea of why Aiden Pearce has a vendetta. Before being able to play Watch Dogs online, you’ll need to work through story mode, specifically completing the They Can’t Hide mission before the Watch Dogs multiplayer modes unlock.

Although some of you may be thinking this is self-explanatory, we have also seen many of you asking how to unlock Watch Dogs multiplayer after initially thinking that you could just go straight into online after booting the game for the first time.

We think it’s a good idea that Ubisoft has instead decided that players should first play a few story mode missions to get used to the feel of the game and of course learning how to drive cars in Watch Dogs since Jordi Chin gives you the red car at the start of the game once you exit the stadium – basically the first time you have to learn to drive and escape the cops.

Early thoughts on the final Watch Dogs graphics?
Early thoughts on the final Watch Dogs graphics?

Let us know how you are finding Watch Dogs at the moment. Are you surprised that you have to play through story mode first to unlock multiplayer after completing the They Can’t Hide mission? Stay tuned for more information on the game soon.

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