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S Health for Galaxy S5 update tracks stress levels

When Samsung unveiled the S Health app for the Galaxy S5 we thought it was a pretty cool feature, as it was perfect to track your heart rate. However, this app has now received an update so that it can now do much more, such as measure your stress levels.

Giving this app the ability to read your stress levels is a much-needed feature for the Samsung Galaxy S5 because we know so many of you suffer from stress nowadays, as this is the culture we are in.

However, Samsung is not over selling the latest update to S Health because they do warn you that you should not use this app for medical reasons because it isn’t the most accurate tool to measure stress and heart rate.

S Health for Galaxy S5 update

Having said that, it is a good guide and will indicate if there is need for concern, at which point you really need to seek professional medical advice. We would very much like to hear from our readers to see if this new S Health feature for the Galaxy S5 is good or not.

A word of warning though, don’t take your Galaxy S5 out in front of your boss and show him how stressed you are, as things might not go the way you were hoping. On a more series note, every time you take a reading of your stress levels the app creates a chart, which is another way to see what stresses you out, and then find a way to alleviate this.



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