New PS4 update stupidity with 3D Blu-ray, gaming chairs

By Daniel Chubb - May 27, 2014

What is Sony’s problem with adding the very basics through a new PS4 update, or in fact some features missing from launch? You wouldn’t expect to upgrade from a 3D Blu-ray playing PS3 to the latest in technology with a PS4, then find out that you can’t even play 3D movies on the so-called upgrade, but this is the case as we’ve known for many months.

Months later with PS4 1.71 firmware update next – now that we are 6 months after the launch of PS4 you’d expect a number of improvements and new features through software updates, and this is exactly what Sony has given PlayStation 4 owners. The big problem with these updates, they still fail to deliver two basic user requirements in the form of PS4 3D Blu-ray support and Bluetooth gaming chairs connecting by wireless rather than cable.

We also note a detailed hands-on by, which looks at the PS3 vs. PS4 Blu-ray player abilities and confirmed back then that the new machine is “Worse than PS3 as a Blu-ray player”. There’s a number of reasons they reached this conclusion and more than just not being able to play 3D Blu-ray movies, so take a look at their review through the above link.

You can also see a discussion on the official PlayStation community in regard to some people wanting a 3D Blu-ray on their PS4, and this debate includes a few pages with comments from those “very unhappy” and others stating PS4 owners should be “patient, it’s coming”. The problem some people have is how long such a basic feature, already on PS3, should take to release on PS4.

With the PS4 1.71 update next, do you think it is time for Sony to add 3D Blu-ray support in the next update? You can read what some of our readers want in v1.71 within this article, although we also desire to see support for many Bluetooth devices like the X-Rocker 4.1 Bluetooth gaming chair.


The official Q&A section on the X-Rocker website has this to say about PS4/PS3’s and their Bluetooth X-Rocker gaming chairs, “Your PS3 and PS4 console has Bluetooth, but you will not be able to connect the chair to the console using bluetooth, at this moment in time”. It makes the wireless chair option pretty pointless with Sony’s consoles, unless they can fix this issue with a Bluetooth improvement via firmware.

It is true that the issue might be more complicated with different Bluetooth standards and technology, but the PS4 3D Blu-ray support should be a simple fix via firmware and one we hope is finally added with the 1.71 update. There’s a number of PS4 owners that have a nice Blu-ray movie collection and had a PS3 as their player, but if they sold that console then they really do need this firmware to bring support to their latest machine.

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  • Ivan Johnson

    I’m on the same boat when it comes to the 3D some people probably not wanting to even buy a ps4 and stick with the Ps3 to keep the 3D support. I know they want to be all about gaming but at least make basic entertainment features available. But I don’t know about gaming chairs. Many households barely even have room for a kitchen chair in the middle of the floor. Gaming chairs can be pretty long. If anything they should have external hard drive support. Like the Xbox One. People can connect a 4TB HDD to an Xbox one.

  • Steven Littlefield

    LOL are you guys really that SLOW? Has ANYONE read up on the new OCULUS for the PS4 that’s suppose to be coming out????? THAT WILL REPLACE THE 3D GAMING!!!!! That’s why they aren’t commenting on it. it has NOTHING to do with the PS4 blu-ray player being worse than the PS3s….that’s just plain ass retarded to say coming from the first console to ever have a Blu-ray player inside and the fact that X1 is COPYING PS4 in even having one so I don’t want to hear anything at all from the X1 fans, and by the way, X1 isn’t even having a new system like Oculus to even satisfy the gaming community and has had AMPLE time to make their console 3D…which they haven’t and won’t do so. PS4 is an AWESOME system and has plenty of room to make a 3D player. It’s choosing not to until the release of Oculus. Just google or youtube it and see what it’s like. You put on a thing that kinda reminds you back in the day of the Virtua Boy LOL don’t know if you know that or not :P. But the results are so awesome I can’t wait for it to hit.

    • Cat

      Completely inaccurate. Oculus is a company. Their product is Rift. It’ll never be on PS4 because it’s a direct rival to Sony’s Project Morpheus, which is what I’m guessing you mean. 3D gaming already exists on PS4 (eg. Trine 2 and Zen Pinball) and the article isn’t discussing 3D games. It’s talking about 3D playback on BluRay films. It’s a feature that will help sell consoles and won’t impact potential sales of Morpheus, so I have no idea what the hell you’re talking about, and clearly you don’t either.

    • Ivan Johnson

      If they don’t want to do 3D for VR is stupid. Sometimes families just want to sit and watch a 3D movie at home. VR and 3D are 2 totally different things.

  • Nico Chung

    Been getting a lot slower speeds on my ps vita, ps3 and ps4 for the past couple months! Called playstation a lot, and they say nothing is wrong on their end. They sent a word out for me to see if anyone could look further into this issue to be resolved. Sometimes my friends list wont load, and i have to test the connection to fix it. After, I called playstation yesterday it seems like my ps4 home screen will get this random dark shadow flicker on the screen. What’s up with all these bugs!? PLEASE FIX ALL this with that update already jeeeeeeeeez

  • Jonel

    What I don’t get is why there’s options in video output settings for optimising display for 3D output. And yes, it is a gaming system, but 3D playback on a bluray player these days is standard. The PS4 is a bluray player.

  • Gamer

    Faster Ps4 firmware

  • Gamer

    Flash Support Please for Ps4 Browser

  • me

    Its a game console get over it.

  • wickedproxy

    The biggest issues for me is no mp3 or CD support (should have had at launch) and no place to put my videos and pictures that I’ve made with my PS Vita. No way to put videos on youtube. All stuff my PS3 can do.

    • jayshine27

      The things u just named is the only features i really wanted 2 be added since November 15 2013… i really wanted nt more from the ps4 but it 2 be a ps3 with better graphics, gameplay, physics & longer games with more content

  • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

    I understand the rant for 3d bluray since there’s a niche market for that but bluetooth gaming chairs……….really? Basic user requirements………bluetooth gaming chairs………..look, u gotta be reasonable….sony needs to prioritise the features added in future updates and ………….bluetooth gaming chair is not one of them. If 3d bluray is a niche market, then the ‘gaming chair’ market is like bacteria small…

    • Kevin

      Rather than focus on bluetooth gaming chairs, the ps4 is really lacking in overall bluetooth connectivity. Sony should just make it so that anything bluetooth can connect to the ps4. This will help with lots of headsets and could lead some neat phone/tablet options.

  • Stuart Stow

    Not too bothered as ps3 does it and at the moment the ps3 is a better performer when it comes to blu-rays going on what i’ve read anyway.