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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 release date varies

We have a quick heads-up for those that are already thinking about pre-ordering a Microsoft Surface Pro 3. The new tablet is available to pre-order now, but consumers face a long wait until the tablet actually reaches homes in June.

Thankfully, Microsoft isn’t keeping consumers in the dark on when the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 ship date will be. We can confirm that those who have pre-ordered a Surface Pro 3 will receive their orders on Friday June 20 at the earliest.

This has been confirmed by Microsoft in their official listing which you can see here. However, the Surface Pro 3 shipping date changes depending on which model you opt for, which some of you may find a bit sneaky.

Order the 128GB Surface Pro 3 with Intel i5 graphics and you’ll be able to get the tablet shipped to you on June 20 as highlighted above. However, if you want the cheapest Surface Pro 3 model which is the 64GB Intel i3 configuration – you’ll have to wait until the end of August to receive your tablet, August 31 to be specific.


Shipping dates vary further if you order other models of the Surface Pro 3. The ultra premium 512GB Surface Pro can only be shipped on August 31, so consumers face a long wait until Microsoft are ready to deliver.

We can all agree that the Surface Pro 3 looks amazing, but are you willing to wait for the long shipping dates? Give us your thoughts on this below.



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