New GTA V weapons with Bowie Knife teased

By Alan Ng - Jun 23, 2014

We may have some very exciting GTA V DLC news to bring you now, especially to those that are looking to see new weapons in GTA Online. We have just had the GTA V High Life update of course, but now we may massive information on the next update, GTA V 1.14 that will arrive for the game.

So far, the only thing that gamers are expecting to see with the next update is the GTA V 1.14 patch with Heists. It has been the single most requested feature since launch and Rockstar are now in a position where they have to deliver with Heists since they promised to include it before Spring ends.

Now, it looks like we may have some details on what else will be coming with the GTA V 1.14 release. One user has apparently located some hidden information inside GTA Online texture files and found a variety of new weapons that are not in the game at the moment.

More importantly, GTA V 1.14 may be coming with access to a Bowie Knife. You can see an image of the knife above, the image which is already inside GTA Online files so it could be very real. Also thought to be coming is a GTA V Scar-H type of weapon, a new MG of some sort and a new pistol.


Obviously we can’t confirm that this is actually a bowie knife, but if you compare it to a real life counter-part it certainly looks like it could match up. The fact that a SCAR-H may be coming to GTA Online is very exciting too.

The big question is whether these weapons will be free or if Rockstar will want gamers to pay a small fee. The Bowie Knife in GTA Online could be a game changer so they may want users to pay for this luxury – especially the SCAR-H too if it is overpowered.

Remember that it isn’t confirmed yet, but the images for these weapons are already inside the game files. For now give us your reaction to this and if you would love to see a Bowie Knife with the GTA V 1.14 release date.

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  • Marcus_Suridius

    If R* try to charge for any DLC in the near future it will gaurentee that a lot of those players who haven’t touched the game in a long time will not return simple as.

  • Kevin Alan Ashcroft

    Tanks are so bad that Thay get sniped out when there not expecting it I shot a tank and killed the driver with one sniper shot I am only 48 rank he was 89 what a rookie getting beat with a sniper at my rank

  • And how would this knife be any different than the existing kinfe? Right now the broken bottle and the knife work and act exactly the same. I suspect this “new” knife will act just the same as the bottle and the existing knife. So BFD is all that can be said.

    • Corey

      Obviously, the bowie knife will be a game changer. It’s teased from this gif a man found. Fact is, game changing knives cost from Heists luckily, and obviously pass-ing up the knife won’t give you a game changer.

      -Author of this article



    Ive had awesome battles in tanks against on foot opponents…and ive never been terrorized by a tank while on foot cause ive killed them quickly….in other words, maybe you just need to get better an learn how to play the game without blaming tanks for your disapointment in the game…maybe you need to go back to the game an leave online to the real players Pete….like myself and my GIRLFRIEND………… idiot!

  • Pete

    Something to blow the crap out of tanks & the idiots that drive them. Tanks are about the only thing bringing this game down at the moment. Give PRG’s the ability to lock onto fighter jets too.
    Need a MC DLC with more HD style motorcycle, vests, gloves etc.
    Give us skate boards & roller skates (for a laugh) & the ability to hold two hand-guns (or mini SMG’s) at once.
    Bring the Hotknife (or similar) to the “standard” game,. I missed out on the Collectors Ed & would love a rod like the Hotknife in my THIRD garage.

    • You must be one of the noobs I blew up as you came out of your apartment. I just love doing that. Well, you can rest easy now as I have moved on to Watch Dogs, so I won’t be blowing up noobs like yourself any more.

      • spilledmilk

        Yeah and I bet I dominated you Fred. The only noob here is you. Not to mention I can one shot one kill a tank.

  • hi

    I’d like to see a machete in the game.

  • joeutdmk

    Auto lock RPG is what i want so can take down fighter jets and helis

    • Riddles

      A Stinger or Igla is what youre looking for. RPGs dont auto lock.

      • DawnBreaker

        Aha!!! I see that you play Battlefield 4 don’t you??!!!?

  • Nathan Owen

    Rather than Bowie knife,how about,an Vehicle Lock RPG,or M4A1 With Grenade Launcher,or 50 cal Machine gun that can tear apart person,and vehicle?
    And please make a Zonda/Huayra/Aventador based car

  • Alex Boyd

    Yah Autolock weapon for aircraft is needed
    You cannot bring a knife to a gun fight !!

  • Clothkent

    “The Bowie Knife in GTA Online could be a game changer…” are you serious ?
    I’d like to see a Bowie knife better a Combat Shotgun or any other gun in the game. Melee weapons in GTAO are about as useful as a paper bag is for carrying hot soup.
    We want some fun weapons like a flame thrower or a Lock on Anti Aircraft / Anti tank weapon, a decent smoke grenade and even though i know it will never happen…a portal gun 😀

    • Corey

      Hey he said, “we may massive information,” so I don’t know what else you can ask from an article. LOLZ

    • Riddles

      Was with you up until portal gun