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Watch Dogs iOS 7, Android app release time

Watch Dogs is due for release on Tuesday May 27, but as expected some gamers have already managed to pick up the game early. As a result, many are looking for the official Watch Dogs ctOS app on iOS 7 but Ubisoft are keeping everyone waiting for the time being.

The Watch Dogs Companion app release is a little different though compared to other game apps, since Ubisoft has decided to launch the Watch Dogs iOS 7 app live with the main game release.

While this has built up hype for the app as Ubisoft wants, there has been plenty of discussion on why Ubisoft didn’t release the app first to give users a full heads-up on how to use the app before heading into Watch Dogs multiplayer.

Remember that the Watch Dogs ctOS app is fairly important, as it will allow mobile users to significantly impact Watch Dogs multiplayer by manoeuvring choppers between checkpoints to gain a tactical advantage over other players.

The app also features its own progression skills, with Ubisoft promising that the more you play with the Watch Dogs ctOS app, the better you will get and the better the experience will become.

Unfortunately, there is no specific release time for the Watch Dogs app on iOS and Android. It’s free though and it should be the first thing you download once it is live and you have the game in your hands.

Let us know if you already see the app live in your area, or if you are still refreshing that store in hope that the app becomes available.



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