Watch Dogs install size on PS4 vs. Xbox One, PC

By Alan Ng - May 26, 2014

We are just hours away from the highly anticipated Watch Dogs release date. Anticipation has gone through the roof for Ubisoft’s game with gamers very keen to find out the Watch Dogs install size on PS4, Xbox One and PC for preparation purposes.

We have just spoken about the wait for GTA V PC and next-gen ports, but this week there is no denying that it is all about Watch Dogs, with PC owners delighted that they finally have a major new open-world game to enjoy on their platform of choice.

Now, we have the information that you are after just before launch, as we can confirm some crucial Watch Dogs install sizes for you. If you are planning to get a next-gen console version on PS4 and Xbox One, you’ll be interested to know that both versions are almost identical in install size.

The Watch Dogs PS4 install size is confirmed to be 20.4GB. In comparison the Xbox One Watch Dogs install size is 20.42GB as confirmed on the Xbox Live marketplace by Microsoft.

As you can see there is no difference on next-gen but there is a difference with the Watch Dogs PC install size. The PC size will be larger at 25GB, but this was to be expected with the PC version able to output at a much higher resolution than console.


For those wondering, we can also confirm that the Watch Dogs install size on Xbox 360 is only 6.7GB, so much smaller. We don’t have the PS3 size for you yet, but we are assuming it will be more in line with the Xbox 360 version size rather than PS4.

So there we have it. Now you are probably thankful that your consoles come with 500GB of storage, with game install sizes getting bigger each time. Are you surprised that Watch Dogs needs 20GB or were you expecting this?

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  • kimpah

    i pre ordered it on ps3 weeks ago but now its finally here iam downloading it atm its at 93% it took over 12 hours of download at the speed of 450 kbs the last 7% are killling me i just cant wait. sitting infront of the tv. waiting..

  • kcc

    what time will it be released on xbox live online digital version?

    • jackcafe

      i just downloaded right now dude i was waiting till 12 couldnt woke up at 5 am to see if i could had some struggle getting it to download idk why but its downloading now

  • Josh Muckey

    the ps3 size is about 13.93gb to be more precise lol

    • kimpah

      dude its 17 gb here but maybe cuz i ordered the delux edition

    • Hammodi

      is that download or after decompression?

  • jerred

    I don’t think this is right; the pc version says it requires 25 GB but it’s actually around 15 GB.

  • Igor

    I was expecting about 40gb.