Transistor Xbox One release date anxiety

By Alan Ng - May 26, 2014

One of the biggest releases right now is Transistor for PS4 and PC. Unfortunately though, those of you who are looking for a Transistor Xbox One release date are going to be disappointed – there’s no release date coming any time soon.

The game has just launched for PS4 and PC and the Transistor reviews have been very positive so far. The Sci-Fi RPG developed by SuperGiant looks like it is going to be a massive hit, but inevitably there has been a lot of disappointment from fans now realizing that the game isn’t going to be on Xbox One.

While the game has only launched on PS4 and PC, the good news is that a Transistor Xbox One release date could still happen in future. Last year at E3, SuperGiant said that Transistor would be a timed-exclusive on PS4, whilst obviously coming out for PC at the same time too.

At the moment there is no Xbox One release planned, so gamers will have to sweat it out on the hope that SuperGiant are secretly in development while PS4 owners enjoy their exclusivity period.

Take a look at what the response has been so far on social media. Remember that not every gamer will have known that Xbox One would be missing from the release.

On the official SuperGiant page, there has been no discussion whatsoever on whether an Xbox One version will be made available. Let’s see what the status is like towards the end of 2014 though, perhaps the situation will be a lot more relaxed if Microsoft are more friendly in terms of self-publishing.

As an Xbox One owner reading this, let us know your thoughts right now on seeing Transistor available on PS4 and PC only. Is this one game that you would love to have on your console?

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  • sam chambers

    Surely Microsoft’s stupid parity clause would prevent Transistor from ever coming to Xbox?

    • Dan Vincent

      I’m sure that rule will change just like everything else has.

    • Andon M. Coleman

      That clause only applies to developers who don’t purchase a DevKit with their own money. Know your facts before claiming ridiculous things like that.