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HTC Nexus 8 before Google I/O

We are closing in on Google I/O 2004, an event where consumers are poised for new hardware announcements from the tech giant. Top contenders are the Nexus 8 and Nexus 10 2014 tablets, but we may have already seen one teased in the flesh.

Unfortunately, Google hasn’t been very generous with information on their 2014 product releases, meaning that all we have had to go on in terms of Nexus 10 and Nexus 8 news is mere rumors.

This week though, you need to see something on Google’s own I/O homepage. What you see there looks like an unannounced tablet. First glances it looks like this could be the Nexus 8 2014 tablet, a device that could be built by HTC rather than Asus if speculation is to be believed.

Unsurprisingly, Google hasn’t given any other hints about this device based on this image if it really is the Nexus 8. Also pay attention to the fact that Google isn’t giving anything anyway in terms of what version of Android it is running.


Let’s hope that this Nexus 8 could be sporting Android 4.5 Android Lollipop though, as we are definitely due some news on the next major version of the software after Kitkat.

Obviously this image doesn’t give us a lot to go on, but let us know what you think it could be. Is this an early look at the HTC Nexus 8 – plus your reaction if it really is?



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