GTA V PC port effort vs. PS4, Xbox One

By Alan Ng - May 26, 2014

With the ongoing wait to see GTA V on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, gamers are probably feeling entitled to know what is keeping Rockstar so long from saying anything – not even an announcement or hint has come since the PS3 and Xbox 360 release last year.

PC gamers had expected a GTA V PC release date to come at the Summer at the very latest if the game wasn’t ready for Spring, but now it looks like Rockstar won’t be able to meet this deadline either.

Remember that traditionally we see a PC release of GTA games around six-eight months after the console release – GTA IV released at the end of April 2008, while the PC release came in December 2008.

Now, we are coming up to ten months since the PS3 and Xbox 360 release of GTA V and Rockstar has been completely silent on when GTA V PC will be coming. The big factor in all of this of course, is that Rockstar now has the added pressure of PS4 and Xbox One platforms to consider.

Gamers are now united in believing that PS4 and Xbox One ports of GTA V are the sole reason why the PC release is taking so long to come out. Remember that it was only a week ago when we heard The Last of Us developer Naughty Dog publicly admit that developing The Last of Us Remastered for PS4 was ‘hell’.

Naughty Dog had wished that there was a ‘turn on PS4 button’ mode as the PS4 version of the game was crashing every 30 seconds – despite their ‘best engineers in the industry’ working on the game.

The problem was that The Last of Us was simply optimized for PS3, so it does make you wonder if Rockstar are also having problems behind the scenes trying to get the game playing nice on next-gen hardware.

The PS4 and Xbox One are meant to be even easier to develop on with the ‘PC-like’ x86 architecture that we kept hearing about prior to launch, but now we have Naughty Dog reveal that it was still hell trying to get the port running on PS4 from PS3.

Are you starting to get worried that PS4 and Xbox One console development is holding up GTA V PC in a big way? Remember that it has been 10 months of complete silence from Rockstar, so let us know what you personally think is going on.

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  • Meche334

    they should develop it for pc and port it to xb1 then to ps4

  • john tong

    I got a Intel 2600k 4.5ghz with HT enabled 16 gb corsair vengence pro 1866mhz low latency timings and a bloody evga gtx 690 equiped with Corsair 120 SSD and GTA IV runs like crap. If this is another console port fuuuu get about it!

  • ThatOne

    LOL GTA 5?!?! That game will be over a year old when Rock Starch decides to confirm or not it’s release on PC; and then release it next year if we are lucky. I’m not going to pay $60 for a game that is over a year old. I used to be a huge GTA PC fan but to hell with GTA 5; i’m buying Watch Dogs full price in a couple of weeks when my gaming budget allows it; hopefully sooner “if I’m allowed”… hummmm… renovating the deck
    should do the trick! 🙂

    For me it’s simple, i give a proportional amount of money to a PC game company as they have respect for PC gamers. As for GTA 5 i may buy it when i completed Watch Dogs 200% and/or when it’s less than $10 on Steam.

  • FedupWithR*

    I gave up on it… If anything, I might pirate it just to try it and see if it’s worth buying. Im done with this “stiff the PC crowd that made our company” garbage…

  • FedupWithR*

    I gave up on it… If anything, I might pirate it just to try it and see if it’s worth buying. Im done with this “stiff the PC crowd that made our company” garbage…

  • Jeremy MacDonald

    Meh, too busy playing Watch_Dogs now.

  • Dirty Dan

    I think they just need to say something. I’d prefer them announce that they won’t port it over to pc than wait here like we are.

    • James Henry

      Here here…it’s not like they can play dumb…”Oh..I didn’t know you guys were waiting for us.”

  • Aeroisticon

    I can barely run GTA IV on my PC. Please, please Rockstar focus on optimization, and that will most likely result in more PC sales because everybody can run it.

    • Charles Jones

      If you can barely run GTA IV on your PC, then I would guess you will need a new PC to run GTA V whenever we get it. Unless your PC is new enough to warrant buying more RAM and a better graphics card etc…

    • James Henry

      Agreed…if your computer can’t play a 6 year old game that’s been patched 100 times to make it as optimized as they can get it….your computer is in dire need of some updating…

      • NeedleDickDoug

        Aeroisticon is saying that it was poorly optimized. Why do you think they had to patch it a “100 times”? A game should require less patches, not more.

    • NeedleDickDoug

      I have an AMD octocore 8350 and GTX 760 SLI, and that game STILL gets glitchy while loading new parts of the world at times, and even my 1090t x6 @ 4.8GHz and Radeon HD 6870 setup had a hell of a time maintaining solid framerates. They did a shit-job of porting that title.

  • NATB100

    PC ports alone are usually ‘easier’ due to the lack of optimisation, and we’ve seen some incredibly bad ports in the past. Microsoft and Sony wouldn’t take shoddy ports on board so they need to have it running near perfect to next gen’s new standards.

  • Kelvin Roy Leek

    why bother !

  • Justin Sorensen

    Rock Star has made so much money off the last gen consoles that they have no need to make them for next gen or of so they are obviously taking their time with those ports if they are even bothering to develop them.

    • James Henry

      Oh they will not pass up the cash cow of next gen….players that bought it for last gen will repurchase it at full price for next gen…simply for the slightly better graphics… Is the added tessellation and MAYBE some AA really worth spending another $60? And you have to start over from scratch again!!!! I’m dying to see the side by sides of last gen vs. next gen….it would have to blow me away to make me repurchase.

      • Gin

        some people got rid of their PS3s for PS4s (trade in credit). Those people would likely GLADLY repurchase the game at $60. Im one of those people. GTAVs world is definitely worth it a second time to me. But value is subjective.

  • justerthought

    The Last Of Us was hell because the original code was severely optimised for PS3 CELL 100%. All that code had to be unpicked by hand. It wasn’t hell because the PS4 was hard to port to. It’s only hell if you’re porting a game that was cleverly optimised by the first parties to maximise the CELL.

    GTAV is a totally different issue. The game engine will be scaleable generic code using high res assets, not PS3 specific. It will be far easier to port to PS4. My guess is that the delay is because the XB1 is under performing, with Rockstar struggling to achieve port parity with the PS4 version.

    • Kenneth Anderson

      Lol fanboy…..

      • Chris

        The PS4 hardware is technically superior to the Xbox One hardware. Fanboyism is irrelevant.

        • Kenneth Anderson

          Does that man the game won’t look good on the X1?

        • Hemorrhaging Shitass

          It won’t look AS good. That’s a given.

          You’re the one who’s sounding like the fanboy here.

        • Kenneth Anderson

          Not at all I own everything except the Wii U..

      • meh

        Or just has more brains in his little finger than you could ever fit in your tiny head! are the highest paid game designers and developers fan boys? Just because he knows his stuff about the technology behind the games you sit there wanking over. Lol your a smug turd grow up

        • Kenneth Anderson

          You are indeed a funny one. Still sound like fanboys.

  • Sam

    I would say that of course any port from one system to another will be difficult especially when you consider the completely different architecture between PS3 & PS4.
    Rockstar need to be careful not to wait too long if they are creating PC & next gen as we saw with the PS3 Skyrim DLC fiasco people will get bored of waiting for it.

    • Charles Jones

      Too long and I wont bother with GTA V myself. I don’t game much and do so off and on. At any time I could just have no interest (or time) for games period (for awhile), then by the time I do again something different has caught my eye.

      • Jan

        What difference does is make if the game comes out in lets say two years? Are you not going to be excited about it? I certainly would be and I’d buy it as well. Unless of course, it turns into Duke Nukem Forever, which was more popular when it was still unreleased.

        • Charles Jones

          Like I said something different could be out that I want to play by then. Like I also said, I am not a big gamer, I have not played a single game in months and the last I played was GTA SA on android. Did have mods for GTA V vehicles on it though. I may still want it, I may not. If I was a big gamer then I would just buy a console and play that way, but there are only a few games here and there I would play so I don’t see the need to buy a console, rather buy tools.

        • urmuther

          ” If I was a big gamer then I would just buy a console and play that way”

          “If I was a filthy peasant I would just buy a console and play that way”
          Fixed it for you 😉

        • Jan

          Ah, that makes sense. Then if it ever does get released on PC, wait another year for the price to drop and pick it up for 20€ 🙂
          I wouldn’t buy a console just for one game either, no matter how good its supposed to be.