Chromebook Pixel 2 wish list for features

By Peter Chubb - May 26, 2014

It’s been over a year since Chromebook Pixel was released and while there have been a few rumors pointing to the release of the 2014 edition, there has been little evidence to suggest that Google has any plans to release one anytime soon. There is no denying the fact that this device was not as good as it could have been and there was an agreement that its price was a bit of an issue and could have done with being reduced.

Having said that, there was another issue, one that was even bigger than its price, and that was its limited functionality. The problem is, the Chromebook Pixel promised to be a lot more than it was, but all hope is not lost, as we have gathered comments made by PR readers and come up with their Chromebook Pixel 2 wish list.

From what we have gathered, what the 2014 Chromebook Pixel 2 edition needs is a slightly larger screen and more importantly, better battery life. There have been some comments made that the Chromebook Pixel 2 battery life needs to be at least 12 hours in order to compete with the latest edition of the MacBook Pro.

Chromebook Pixel 2

Some of you feel as though the current Chromebook Pixel is held back without LTE radio, as this is such an important feature to have on an Internet centric OS, and so we could see this brought to the next generation model.

While the current processor is more than capable, there is no denying that it needs a bump, and so the 4th Gen i7 processor would be most welcome in the next version of Pixel.

However, one of the most requested features to bring to the new Chrome Pixel 2 would be to ditch Chrome OS because it isn’t going anywhere interesting, and for that reason many of you have asked to use an actual operating system. We cannot see Google doing this, as Chrome OS is what makes it so different to other laptops out there.

These are just a few ideas about what the Chromebook Pixel 2 could have, if it ever gets released at all, but what ideas do you have?

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  • kEiThZ

    Pixel 2. Same build quality. Same keyboard and shell. Lower resolution screen (say reduced to full HD). Maybe a slightly smaller screen. No touch. A slower processor…maybe even allow fanless. Midrange price ~ $400
    And then offer a Pixel 2 Touch. Updated Pixel specs with touch. Maybe even a slightly larger screen. Keep price to around $800-$900.

  • martinbrock

    Only an idiot would suggest that Chrome OS isn’t going anywhere interesting. It’s the fastest growing OS for laptops by a long shot, and it has been my primary OS for personal computing for over a year now, and I don’t only use it for email and web browsing. I use it for software development using resources like Codenvy and Cloud 9 as well as presentations and other enterprise applications.

    The most interesting developments in Chrome OS are not developed by the Chrome OS team at Google or Chromebook developers at Samsung or even the wider Chromium OS development team. They’re developed by web developers for the web. The web is the operating system. Chrome OS is only the kernel. Until you get that, you’ll ever understand where Chrome OS is going.

  • Craig Hansen

    Only an idiot would suggest they ditch the Chrome OS. It’s a showpiece for that very thing and the only reason it exists.