iStick: USB Stick For iPad smashes goal

- May 25, 2014

The iStick is a USB stick storage device for your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. We published some details about this Kickstarter project a couple of weeks ago and at the time we noted the $100,000 target had been reached, although the amount pledged at that time was just over $116,000.

Today, this figure is much higher at an amazing $707,512. This means the original target has been beaten 7 times over and reveals the amount of interest in a device like the iStick. We have included an animation below that gives you a quick look at how this simple device works, although you can visit our earlier article as well and watch the Kickstarter launch video.

Have you pledged money to the iStick Kickstarter project? Would you find a USB Stick handy for your iOS device? While this project has beaten its goal many times over, it is worth mentioning there’s still another 22 days to go until it closes. You can still support this project before it is funded on June 17th.

At $500K the creators added passcode and password functionality, although once another $43K is pledged the iStick will get Dropbox integration.

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  • TweetyTweet15

    Unless this works without special iStick-enabled apps, it’s nothing compared to connecting a USB flash drive with the iPad Camera Connection Kit.