Google Play Services battery drain fix

- May 25, 2014

If you are being hit by the Google Play Services battery drain and need a fix, then you might want to download GServiceFix on the official play store. This app released in the last couple of days, May 23, and the latest version is the first at 1.0.

In a nutshell, GServiceFix is a workaround to help users of the Android 4.4 update find a solution for the battery drain bug caused by Services and the OS. For those of you that don’t know, Services can be found on Android tablets and phones as a background task with the aim of keeping Google’s services updated and in sync.

This week we heard from a number of our readers, including those using Sony’s Xperia Tablet Z, in regard to heavy battery drain and they’ve been crying out for a fix to this problem. The GServiceFix developer, PlayfulGeeks, claims that the app “doesn’t harm the device in anyway” and ratings support this at 5 stars on Google play.


You can see a screenshot for the Google Service Fix app running on a tablet above. One of Product Reviews readers gave the app a try and said, “GServiceFix was perfect for my battery drain problems caused by the Google play services and Android KitKat 4.4”. You can download this app here on Google play and if you do give it a try, then let us know if it solved your issues and what device you’re using.

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  • N2K12

    welp ignorant people are talkin rubbish again. App DOES work. Follow the instructions. Saves battery life by editing system services. So stop trolling somethin you have zero knowledge on

  • Eumesch

    Worked for me. My HTC 601 went from a 2-day charge to several hours after KitKat update. All better after installing this app.

  • myepicyear

    Looking at this article days later, I can’t help but think to myself “Man, this review was rushed and irresponsible. The applications homepage on Google Play had only a handful of (mostly suspicious) reviews with comments; it had only been downloaded a small number of times; and when writing out the official app description, there was no attempt by the developer to explain (in *any* capacity) how their application was achieving it’s “remarkable” results. Apparently, the author of this article actually believed that this one unknown guy had solved a highly complex power-management idiosyncrasy in Play Services–one that has been (more or less) baffling many of Google’s talented engineers for a while now.
    This was a dangerous with basically no track record. What if this had been malware?

    • N2K12

      what if your just a troll.

  • Steffen Laursen

    Been using for a couple of days, and no effect thus far…

  • shane

    No. It does nothing.

    • N2K12

      Then u havent used it

  • Ironthighs

    Looking at the code, all it does is sleep for five seconds, then tell you to reboot your device. Also there’s ads.

  • bavera

    Tried this. Helped for a little while. Google Play Services issue seemed to be resolved but the generic Google Services then started eating up my battery. Uninstalled the app. Does not seem to resolve the issue.

  • John Cooley

    I looked it on this and the app has a whole 9 ratings, all 5 star. The app requires device plugged in and battery at 100% and GPS on.

    Odd that the website linked in the play store doesn’t exist. This “review” is essentially the description with a little common knowledge blurb regarding Sony device.

    App may be good, but no description as to what it does, nothing but an email address and a few short reviews.

    I’d avoid.

  • myepicyear

    Sounds a little shady at the moment. Nobody knows what it actually does?

    • Nitin Chopra

      who cares , it solved the issue. i changed 5 roms before this app.
      final solution is this application

      Device : note 2(international)

      • Ironthighs

        Checking your history on your account here, you have been pushing this app that merely reboots the device. Might you be the creator?

        As I said above, I checked the code and it seems to be nothing more than a program that waits five seconds and asks the user to reboot their phone. Where is the extra functionality? Where is the special trick it does to solve the battery drain issue?

        • aadil

          I’ve used this on my HTC one m7 that usually has cell standby between 50 – 80 % battery use. After using this app usually running up to 3 times, the cell standby usage after a number of hours reads a decent amount of under 30%. However it doesn’t last and within about 2 days cell standy will be back to high battery usage.

      • Revealer

        This app does nothing. If you read the description, it clearly states: “After using app. turn off gps and sync to save battery.”. Thats the real way to reduce battery consumption from Google services.

        • N2K12

          Ignorant comment. And totally wrong