Elder Scrolls Online PS4, Xbox One 2014 release fears

By Alan Ng - May 25, 2014

Are you still patiently waiting for a Elder Scrolls Online PS4 and Xbox One release date in 2014? We told you at the start of the month that the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game had been delayed six months.

Now though, fans are sweating even more on the likelihood of Elder Scrolls Online releasing for Xbox One and PS4 in 2015, rather than at the new schedule of late 2014.

That means that the only way to get your Elder Scrolls Online fix at the moment is on PC or Mac. The news of a delay has deflated a lot of high expectations for the game that console owners had when expecting the game to come out in the same month as E3.

It will be interesting to see if the demand is still there for the game in six month’s time, especially given the fact that most will be going from Skyrim, a free to play game to Elder Scrolls Online which is subscription based and has a fee attached to it.

The latest whispers are that the game may not make a 2014 release despite the six month delay. Creative director Paul Sage had this to say in a recent interview as not it seems that there are no guarantees.

“I will tell you we are working round the clock to try and make that happen. I can’t guarantee anything, that would be foolish to do, but we are certainly working with that goal in mind.”

The big question is what the delay will mean to gamers and if the desire is still there when we get to Christmas. If Elder Scrolls Online can’t make a release this year on PS4 and Xbox One, will you still be willing to pick the game up next year?

Give us your thoughts on yet another high profile game delay. Do you actually now see it as a positive rather than negative? Perhaps the extra development time will give Zenimax time to add extra content as we’ve seen with other games that received a delay.

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  • Perfection

    damn ! I wanted this game to be released this summer! oh well I’ll get it next year. still worth waiting for. I bet skyrim is better though. not really a huge fan of massive multiplayer games.until then I will play far cry 4, dragon age 3, shadow of mordor , and assassins creed unity.

  • common joe

    As long as it actually functions as a PS4 game and not a PC game that is trying to fit into the PS4 then i’m fine with it. If I have to use a wireless keyboard and if there isn’t the capability to use the mic (like FFXIV) then i’m getting rid of my pre-order. So far there really hasn’t been info on the expected changes so i’ll hold steady. I assumed the delay was to make it into an actual PS4 game and not just a clunky version of the PC game.

  • Ketobbey Waters

    Only a child would care that they can’t play a game when they want it. Gta5 is not out on pc still. Big deal it’s a game. When it does come out I will pick up a copy. Most people are such big babies about almost everything they can’t get. Be happy you will not be buying a game that’s half finished. Wise up!

  • Fallenlords

    I wonder if this is more about subscriptions? Is the console version going to be sub based, or have they changed their minds I wonder. If so the delay may be engineered for a buy to play/free to play model to be announced prior to the console launch (stretch it to about a year after PC launch). I have no objection to a sub fee, sub to Final Fantasy, but console owners also pay for Gold/PSN and are much better suited for micro-transations that subs. Probably being cynical here, but I thought the new infrastructure of the consoles made them easier to port to overall. MMO is always ongoing in development, seems a bit strange to me to delay the launch for so long.

    • common joe

      Frankly, they would likely make more money if they removed the sub and created a market with random custom extras. Plus it would help people to keep playing (and paying) should the total community size be tiny since it’s not going to cross-over.

  • anon

    The game has been steadily losing my interest since launch. First it was the subscription announcement, then the race and upgrades hidden behind a $20 pay wall, then the face-palming choice to have the story revolve around you being the ‘single’ chosen hero alongside a million other heroes, and now all the poor reviews that at best say it’s not worth the subscription. Now i have to swallow this news as well? Nope, I officially lost all interest… so sad.

  • Me

    I didn’t really care about it but was going to get it. Now it’s been delayed I’m not getting it as there will be lads of other games out then.

  • Brady

    Delays are always good. They are making sure they aren’t pulling a battlefield 4 or a GTA at the console launch. They may also be fixing problems they are having on PC

  • Jeff Dewayne Wills

    I thought it was coming out in june…so pissed

  • Thomas Wilk

    i barely had interest in it once it came out and the flop it’s had amongst most players. not really my focus to wait for this game. if it’s delayed and there’s not huge overhaul in the gameplay, i’ll probably just pass. maybe they’re waiting for it turn free to play on PC then release it on console.

  • DJ_4L

    To be honest, I probably won’t play it now since it’s coming out in the area of Destiny’s release, which is the game I have been waiting for since it’s announcement. ESO was supposed to carry me over until it’s launch, but I’ve lost all interest in it now with the delay. Yeah delays happen, but it also take a huge toll on the hype.

  • the wish

    i want it but honestly, not everyone can pay a monthly subscription. i’ll buy it when it’s free to play. I believe Zenimax is ruining the franchise Bethesda should of been the one exclusively making this game