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Clash of Clans problems following latest update

Back on May 16th Clash of Clans received an update and with it brought a series of new features and improvements. On the whole, this latest update has had positive reviews from users, but there have been a few problems, and so we wanted to point those out to you to see if you have suffered the same issues.

Clash of Clans problems – One issue that has been pointed out to us by a PR reader is how you are not able to return troops once you win a battle. However, that is not as bad as this other issue, as another of our reader’s said that following the latest update he can no longer play the game. He has tried various things, but all he gets is the message “sorry cannot go into default location.”

We are not sure if this is specific to Android, but we have been told that Clash of Clans notifications cannot be turned off, and so there are cases when a few of our readers get a game notification in the early hours of the morning – surely this can be turned off?

Clash of Clans problems

There does seem to be far more problems than we realized, as another reader said that “after the latest Clash of Clans update the experience bar is constantly a solid blue color, and so there is no way of knowing when you level up.”

It’s not all bad news though because on the whole of it, Clash of Clans has been made a while lot better after this upgrade, and no doubt Supercell is already hard at work on rectyfying these issues listed above.



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