Android 4.4 KitKat Xperia Tablet Z battery life issues

By Daniel Chubb - May 25, 2014

The Android 4.4 KitKat update released with a battery drain problem on a number of Sony devices in the last couple of days and we’ve been inundated by users complaining about the battery life issues. The new software upgrade hit the likes of Sony’s Xperia Tablet Z along with Xperia ZR, ZL, and Z.

One Product Reviews reader had this to say, “Since installing the Android 4.4 KitKat update my Xperia Tablet Z battery drains much faster and will now last no longer than 8 hours in standby. The Google Play Service is to blame I think, it uses around 75% of my battery usage”. Another added, “I’d normally have around 70% of my battery left around midnight, but after the Android 4.4 update I’m lucky to get 20 percent left on my Xperia Z”.

Pinpointing blame for battery drain – we have also heard about issues with battery life on other devices running Android 4.4 and these include the Nexus 7 tablet, Galaxy S4, Note 3, and HTC One. Some of our readers claim one of the main reasons for low battery life is due to certain Google Services and they’re not being managed as well since the latest update. It should be noted that we cannot confirm if all reports from users are by those using official software versions rather than custom installs.


How is your battery life on the Sony Xperia Tablet Z or Nexus 7 tablet? Are you running Android 4.4 KitKat? We will post some details on fixes later today, we’ve had a few tips from our readers that claim to have found a workaround.

Update: One solution is called GServiceFix and you can read more here in another article.

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  • Kostym

    Thank you for contacting Sony Xperia Support.

    It seems like you need to uninstall the updates for Google Play Services.
    Go to Settings > Security > Device administrators > Android Device Manager > Inactivate.
    go back to Settings > Apps > Google Play services > Uninstall
    updates. Make sure to charge your phone after uninstalling the updates
    for Google Play services. If this solution doesn’t help please contact
    us again for further help.

    This is the answer I got from Sony’s support, it fixed my phone, I would also like to add that when asked to update again just do it…battery back to normal.
    Hope this will help you guys
    Cheers from Sweden!

  • Bumer

    Same problem 85% on Google services

  • VeraB

    I had up to an 82% usage on Google Services. Shut phone down and started back up and it was still at 74%. I am going to try the GServices fix. (I will check back in after.) Thank you for the help here in this forum. (XperiaZ 10.5.A.0.230, Android 4.4.2 as released – no customization)

  • Denis

    I confirm the same issue – Google Play Services drain 80% of battery – it happens from the moment of first connection to the internet.

    – Andorid 4.4.2 (official release)
    – Xperia Z (10.5.A.0.230)

  • Per Kristoffersen

    My Xperia battery last 40% now compared to before upgrade. TERRIBLE

  • shane

    This update has ruined a great phone. I get a max of 4hrs battery life from it, even when it’s sitting in my pocket not being used. What use is a phone like that?

    gservicefix doesn’t do anything.

  • paze

    And one more… Xperia Z with official update for three days now. In the evening charged to 100%, left in airplane mode over the night and 55-65% left in the morning?!?! With 4.3 firmware drain used to be 1-3% over night.

    I’ve now factory reset the phone. Let’s see if that helps. Night time is a good testing period

  • Andrew

    I charged my Xperia Z phone last night and it was 48% in the morning. This is definitely an official firmware upgrade I did. As others say, Google services using 80%+ of battery. I’m trying to turn auto-sync off and seeing if that makes it better. DON’T UPGRADE IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY!!!

  • angryhippo

    xperia Z – horrible battery drain. yesterday it went from 100% to dead till 11 AM… and I had no phone for the rest of the day. may as well throw it in the trash.

  • Miss_SLB

    I charged my phone to 100% yesterday lunchtime and did a double take when I went home at 5pm as the battery was at 57%. It had just been sitting on my desk all afternoon – the data hadn’t even been switched on. It used to last for around 2 days but it completely drained in 8 hours yesterday. Totally unacceptable! Apparently Google servives are using 90% of the battery.

  • Reign

    This is so true…after my xperia Z was upgraded a few days ago my battery don’t last as long as a good 8 hrs after being fully charged. It just keeps draining…disappointingly that’s the only major change I’ve seen so far….

  • Nick McG

    I am also experiencing the same issue. I would unplug my phone in the morning and by bedtime I always had 40-50% battery left. In the past 4 days it has died completely by 10PM

  • nrones

    Confirming the problem with Xperia Z – hprrible battery drain. I charge it to 100% and leave it on standby (with Stamina mode on) over night…when I woke up it was 68%! Something has to be done about this!

  • Smiler

    Updated to 10.5.A.0.230 a couple of days ago and the battery drain is unbelievable – I cannot believe these people can create such a problem!

  • Doug Ross

    I can only confirm this issue with my Xperia Z. It’s really clear that it started when updating to 4.4.2. Something has to be done!