GTA V DLC news reignites PS Vita SA Port

By Alan Ng - May 24, 2014

With the first GTA V story DLC on the horizon, the recent GTA V DLC news regarding a trademark has once again reignited the likelihood of Rockstar finally developing a GTA V game for PS Vita, or at least offering a port if they are too busy.

Given the success of GTA V on PS3 and Xbox 360, it’s somewhat surprising that we have seen complete silence with regards to a GTA PS Vita game. Obviously Rockstar are one of the most in-demand developers in the business, but even then it wouldn’t be too hard you would think to get a third-party developer to port a GTA game to Sony’s handheld which is severely lacking in the new games department.

Looking at the sheer scale of GTA V (bigger than San Andreas and GTA IV combined), it looks very hard at this point to even consider GTA V for PS Vita. However, we have seen GTA San Andreas for Android and iOS two months ago so it would even be great to see this old classic on Sony’s 5-inch OLED beauty.

Going back to the actual news though, as we recently had a trademark filed by Take-Two for something called ‘City Stories’. At the time we had hoped that it could be related to the first GTA V story DLC considering it has been 10 months since release without any GTA V DLC for single-player.

The more we think about it though, City Stories sounds promising in terms of something for PS Vita instead of PS3 and Xbox 360 DLC. Then again, if Rockstar really are thinking about bringing San Andreas to PS Vita at last, then why would Take-Two register City Stories – unless it’s going to be GTA San Andreas City Stories for PS Vita?

The trademark is official though, so Rockstar obviously has something to hide. We want your input on this and what you truly think City Stories means. Do you agree that it is more likely to be something related to a PS Vita GTA game, rather than GTA V story DLC? Remember that there has already been a long running petition asking Rockstar to bring GTA to the PS Vita.

Hopefully E3 2014 will bring the answers.

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  • Anthony Brinklow

    That would be awesome. It would have to be a new game to really shift units, with 5s checkpoint system so it’s not a pain like SA was. Presumably they could port it to mobile a year down the line, if Sony included that as a secret part of the deal I could see a (timed) Vita exclusive coming out. I have everything crossed!

  • Me

    City stories properly means liberty and vice city games even though they are already on ps store.

  • Ikechi Onyenaka

    That GTA San Andreas Vita petition is getting a lot of support now. I really hope Rockstar listens to us and brings it over to Vita. Or better yet, makes an original GTA game exclusively for Vita

  • GTAD4R3415#1T

    Why do I say it’s a lie? Because E3 for rockstar and other gaming companies are most likely releasing new games for the newest gen and possibly latest.

  • GTAD4R3415#1T

    It’s most likely a lie. But if it isn’t, it’s going to be pretty F*CKIING AWESOME!

  • GTAD4R3415#1T


  • Aaron Green

    Most likely it’s a GTA for the Vita. I hope it’s gonna San Andreas!

  • mangoman3000

    That will be great for the vita in terms of sales for the handheld. The psp had two great GTA’s games so the ps vita is ready for it share. I know that GTA will look and play great on the vita. I hope Rockstar take this project very seriously. I am waiting on E3 for some big announcement for the vita.