Watch Dogs release date early for some

By Alan Ng - May 23, 2014

The Watch Dogs release date is not until May 27, but if you head to the likes of YouTube you can already see that many users have managed to pick up the game early and have wasted no time in publicly showing the game.

Watch Dogs is the next massive release for console owners and it’s fair to say that there has been massive hype since development began – with the delay only pumping up anticipation further.

We can’t wait for the game to release on PS4 and Xbox One but it looks like others can’t wait either. Despite risking the wrath of Ubisoft though, we can see that certain users have already begun to upload Watch Dogs walkthrough gameplay on YouTube.

This has obviously caused considerable tension, not just from Ubisoft who don’t want gamers to witness unofficial gameplay so early, but also the YouTube ‘Let’s Play’ community who are unhappy that the leakers are breaking the rules and not respecting Ubisoft’s wishes.

Obviously it is very tempting to check out gameplay for the game, especially if you have the game on pre-order and want to know how Watch Dogs graphics on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 or PC look like with the final build. We can also see that some users have already started Watch Dogs live Twitch streams on their consoles too.

Then again, it can’t really be avoided with such a high profile release. Let us know how you are dealing with the wait and if you have been guilty of viewing Watch Dogs gameplay ahead of schedule.

Do you know anybody that has received a copy of Watch Dogs before the release date, or have you even been lucky enough to have the game yourself already?

Just five days to go!

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  • Sergio

    I do, and i got to say is awesome, the best free roaming game i played since gtav

  • Hazed

    You either get lucky and get it early, (good shipping, eh?)
    OR, You are a paid reviewer or promoter

    • Matt

      im just a random person that got it early ……. there have been a few people other than me too.

  • Matt

    haha i got the game right here in my hands i guess i was one the lucky ones, just got it today.

    • Eric

      where did you get it?

      • Matt

        walmart…. its a pretty fun game with a good enough sized map but i still think its not as dence as they say it is.