The Order: 1886 gameplay from Twitch stream

- May 23, 2014

We revealed Sony would be streaming some live video for The Order: 1886 on PS4 earlier today, and now we have that 3 minute gameplay thanks to a YouTube video uploaded in the last hour.

The Order: 1886 graphics look impressive and reactions to this new footage have been mixed, but the majority of fans want to see more at E3. One fan summed up the gameplay by saying it was, “unimpressive. Good graphics, but that’s all we got to see with a lot more needing to be showcased with a longer gameplay session”.

It would be great to see the electricity weapon and monsters gameplay during the upcoming gaming event, and we’re sure Product Reviews readers feel that more needs to be shown as well.

Take a look at the new The Order: 1886 gameplay in the video below, then share a comment letting us know if you were impressed or disappointed? Personally, we liked what we saw but want to see more weapons and a close up with the monsters.

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