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Tappy Chicken app vs Flappy Bird reviews

We have seen countless Flappy Bird clones over the last few months, but this latest one is a little more special. Tappy Chicken for Android and iPhone has arrived, but has actually been developed by big guns Epic Games.

Epic Games, developers of games including Unreal Tournament, Gears of War and Infinity Blade have decided to join the Flappy Bird craze, which you may find a little surprising.

Their game Tappy Chicken features almost a carbon copy of the same gameplay experience that you would have seen with Dong Nguyen’s game – albeit with some subtle differences.

The main reason for bringing another Flappy Bird clone into the world is what Epic Games are highlighting though. Tappy Chicken was actually built by a single artist at Epic, who doesn’t have traditional programming skills.

The aim, according to the company was simply to demonstrate Tappy Chicken running on the Unreal Engine and showcase the flexibility of the engine in that it can also do mobile games with ease.

Tappy Chicken features online leaderboards and seems to have had a mixed response so far. While some have praised a good game that is addictive, others have said that it could have offered something new rather than the same core Flappy Bird experience that most have already played.


You can check out the Tappy Chicken app reviews for yourself over at the Google Play page – do you agree with what most are saying about the game?

Let us know if you have already tried Tappy Chicken and your thoughts on it running on the Unreal Engine. Is it better than Flappy Bird in your opinion?



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