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Seiko Epson EB-595WT true touchscreen projector

You might wonder what the big deal about a touchscreen projector is seeing that they have been on the market since 2015. However, these required you to use an electronic pen to touch the screen. The Seiko Epson EB-595WT is a true touchscreen projector but it only needs a finger.

This is a big deal for Seiko Epson, and as a perfect marketing tool, the EB-595WTtouchscreen projector is aimed at schools and will be available from May 29th, 2014. However, there is a catch, as this is only for Japan, although we cannot see this staying that way for long, as a worldwide release is certain to happen.

How it works – The new projector from Seiko Epson emits an infrared light that covers the entire screen being projected, and the moment a finger touches the infrared light the camera that is built into the projector will detect this and allow you to operate the device.

There are times when using a finger will just not cut it, and so the EB-595WT comes with an electronic pen, as this allows you to do more complicated tasks.

What makes this projector even better is how two people can use the projector at the same time, which is very useful at school when children do a project together.

Thanks to Tech-On.



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