New Sony PS4 update not a slim yet

By Daniel Chubb - May 23, 2014

There’s mixed opinion about the rumored new Sony PS4 update gaining an announcement just before E3 and while some gamers hate the idea of a new model coming soon after they purchased a new console, others really want to see Sony release a PS4 slim already. In a nutshell, you won’t be seeing a PlayStation 4S or Slim anytime soon.

The PS3 released back in 2006 and it took until 2009 before Sony launched a slimmer model. This is one reason why you won’t be seeing a PS4 Slim in 2014, although it is unclear if such a model would take 3 years to arrive this generation.

It’s clear to us that any Sony event will lack a slimmer PS4, but this isn’t the case for some gamers. “I bet the Sony event just before E3 will bring a slim PS4”, said one fan. Another added, “whether it’s a PS4 slim or cheaper model, I’m buying it after waiting long enough now”.

We touched on the idea of a PS4 Slim back in February, then only just this week we heard rumors of new PS4 hardware launching at a mystery pre-E3 event. This event is still a rumor, but it’s logical for Sony to make a slight change to storage that will allow a new lower PS4 price and of course a direct response to Microsoft dropping the Xbox One price by removing Kinect.

Will you be waiting patiently for a PS4 Slim, even if it takes until 2016 to release? Those of you that did hold off purchasing a new console at launch might consider jumping on board the new generation now, especially after prices dropping and a possible hardware refresh with Sony.

There’s many reasons why some people are waiting and this includes a lack of Xbox One and PS4 games, waiting to see how well the hardware performs, and even wanting the price to drop a little first.

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  • John Estrada

    I’m all for the Original Model, unless its a major upgrade..
    doesn’t phase me at all, just a model i may get later on down the road..

    i still have my 60GB Model PS3 that i happily play old games on as well as 3 games..

  • Sam

    I’m not happy about this, i loyally pre-ordered & bought on release day, feel like I’ve been penalised for not waiting.

  • Danny Dodge

    It’s the slim Xbox one model I’m concerned about… The current one is a monster lol