Minecraft PS4, Xbox One upgrade news

It has been an agonizing wait for next-gen console owners but finally we can bring the Minecraft news that you have been waiting for. Developers 4J Studios have given a timely Minecraft PS4 and Xbox One release date update, confirming that next-gen versions will be available this Summer.

You won’t need us to tell you that the wait has been a long one. Minecraft PS3 and Xbox 360 Editions have kept users busy in recent months, but now you need to consider the important decision on whether you want to upgrade to PS4 or Xbox One.

Luckily, 4J Studios is making things less stressful for you especially if you already have been playing the last-gen versions. We can confirm that the PS4 and Xbox One Editions will retail at $19.99 and that they will ship with the latest content and title updates from PS3 and Xbox 360 versions.

If you already are playing the game on console, you only need to pay $4.99 for an upgrade – this is for both PS4 and Xbox One versions. The upgrade offer will run for a year after the release date on next-gen, so you’ll have plenty of time to think it over.

Also, another crucial piece of information is that you can import your worlds from PS3 and Xbox 360 into PS4 and Xbox One respectively. 4J Studios has also revealed that you’ll be able to use ‘some’ of the DLC skins and texture packs that you have already purchased, in PS4 and Xbox One versions too – but not all.

For PS Vita owners, it gets even better as those of you who have the PS3 version will be able to get the PS Vita version absolutely free – thanks to Cross Buy.

All versions of the game will be available this August, but there’s no exact release date yet. Give us your reaction to the news and any questions that you have if you are already playing the console version.



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