Fallout 4 hope crumbles during rumor mess

By Daniel Chubb - May 23, 2014

It is clear the hope of seeing Fallout 4 news this year, or even during E3, has completely crumbled with the majority of fans acknowledging that most rumors have been faked and Bethesda Game Studios will not be talking about this game for a long time.

We recapped a few of these Fallout 4 rumors for May, but one of the most credible leaks that most agree is real would be the Fallout 4 script from last year.

Fallout 4 rumor mess – just yesterday, a detailed article looked at the mess we are in when it comes to gaming rumors. This article was helped by an interview with the so-called “Man” making up a few of the big Fallout 4 rumors that includes a memo.

This guy has also been behind many other claimed leaks and his reason for creating fakes is purely for the “entertainment” factor. To some he’s an idol and others feel it’s just “disgusting”, especially when they are a big fan of the franchise.


Pete Hines crushes fan hope – In a tweet from a couple of days ago, Hines crushed any hope fans had of seeing Fallout 4 confirmed at E3 2014. The tweet can be seen in a screenshot above and reveals that while Hines wouldn’t tell you an announcement is coming, Bethesda Game Studios will not be giving you any details about their next game for “a long time” yet.

In a nutshell, you won’t be hearing about Fallout 4 anytime soon unless BGS weren’t making it or Fallout 4 isn’t their next game.


Have you lost all hope of getting Fallout 4 confirmation in 2014, and especially from E3? Just this week we get our mind blown again by Bethesda, which is thanks to Vault 101 being found in the new Wolfenstein. You can see a screenshot above that was published on imgur.com.

Now all you need to do is define what “a long time” means, it certainly would be longer than the end of June and this counts E3 out, but what about later in the year?

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  • FalloutBoy

    Totally bummed about this. I reckon it was that damn TESO that held it up. That has been delayed for consoles and I reckon they would prioritise the gold mine that is sub-based games over any SP IPs they might have in the works. That is why I was hoping TESO would not be successful. However, it has been successful enough and will continue to pay and pay, so I would not expect a Fallout 4 at all from Bethesda. However, due to it’s inherent value, they’d be mad not to sell it while it’s still hot. BTW, I think gamers will be waiting a looooong time for TESVI (SP game) as Beth have now had a taste of PERSISTING REVENUE STREAMS which will cool their interest in SP only games.

  • Barry

    I wonder if we will see Fallout 4 confirmed, but the clue was its not their next game.