DuckDuckGo redesign changes similar to Startpage

Google has come under attack over the years, but more so recently over privacy of its users, and it is for this reason why more and more search engine users are looking to smaller alternatives such as DuckDuckGo. This might be a search engine that most of you have never heard of, but they have a mission to uphold your privacy.

A new DuckDuckGo redesign has puts its vision a step closer to perfection, well in their eyes anyway. From what we can see with these changes, it would seem that DuckDuckGo has made its search engine similar to Startpage.

The redesign has seen enhanced search tools, and it is the hope that these new features will bring more users, although they will need to get the word out, something that we hope to achieve as well.

DuckDuckGo redesign

Google’s search engine is still the one to beat, but there is nothing wrong with competition, and even though DuckDuckGo is a much smaller fish, they seem to excel in areas that Google cannot, which is something that appeals to current users.

PCWorld has a hands-on with the latest DuckDuckGo changes, and they make a point that as this search engine does not track you, it is a serious contender to Google, although we are sure Google is unfazed and already has a few changes of its own planned.



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