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BBM Protected personal release held back

BBM is one of the most secure messaging services there is, along with iMessage, although they are still not 100 percent safe. If an intruder manages to finally crack the code of either service, then they will be able to see everything that you sent. We know that Apple is already working on a fix for its next update, but BlackBerry has already shown us a demo of its new BBM Protected.

By using BBM Protected, you can feel safe in the knowledge that your messages are a lot safer from prying eyes, and while it isn’t 100 percent safe, it is far better than the current service.

Every time a message is sent it will have its very own encryption key, which means that prying eyes would have to spend an awful long time trying to piece together a conversation, as they will each have a different encryption.

BBM Protected personal release

You can see a full demo of this, as well as a BBM Protected set up in the videos below. And, as for when it will be available, the new service will be made available to corporate BlackBerry devices first in June. However, if you are a personal user, then its release date has been held back until early fall.

We know this is unfair, but far better for enterprise users to be Guinea Pigs and test BBM Protected to see if there are any flaws.



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