Pokemon X and Y Volcanion, Hoopa event dialogue

It has been a while since we last had any Pokemon X and Y news to share regarding Volcanion and Hoopa. We know that the two unreleased Pokemon are definitely coming though after Diancie, and it looks like Game Freak may be ready to finally release them in upcoming Pokemon X and Y events.

Since Diancie is already official, we know that Volcanion and Hoopa will arrive sooner rather than later. To say Game Freak has been quiet on details for the two mystery Pokemon is an understatement though, with leaks sadly the only real way of keeping track of progress.

This week, it looks like an almighty leak has been completed, as individuals have managed to unlock the entire Volcanion and Hoopa event dialogues which are already hidden inside Pokemon X and Y code.

You can see a screenshot above, along with the whole transcript which has been uploaded online by To make things easier for you, a Reddit user has posted the entire Pokemon X and Y Hoopa event dialogue in image form here too.

As you can see, there is no chance of Hoopa or Volcanion being fake at this point. Summer is coming and so is Nintendo’s E3 2014 event. Will Game Freak pick this event to finally show Volcanion and Hoopa to the world?

Let us know if you are still playing through Pokemon X and Y at the moment and your thoughts on the agonizing wait for Hoopa and Volcanion.



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