New PS4 hardware before E3 mystery

We have some interesting PS4 news to bring you now, right on the eve of Sony’s E3 2014 event. Although nobody is expecting it, it looks like Sony are secretly planning to sell a new version of the PS4 console.

Details are thin at the moment, but evidence has turned up suggesting that this is the real deal. At the moment, the Asian version of the PS4 has the model number of CUH-1006A – we know this as we have an Asian version and you can see the model number in question via the image above.

Now head to this Indonesian website here courtesy of DualShockers which clearly lists a newer PS4 model with CUH-1106A. Also note the upload date of May 13, 2014 which suggests that Sony has only just finished up preparing the new model.

Of course, there’s no evidence yet to suggest that this is going to be a major upgrade but obviously a new console would have some internal differences. We are not expecting a hard drive change or anything like that, but we definitely are praying that this newer model specifically eliminates the ongoing problem of PS4 discs automatically ejecting.

It does pose the question on whether this new PS4 model could be coming with an price cut. Then again, it is still very early days – the PS4 is continuing to sell very well so it wouldn’t make any sense from a business point of view for a price cut to come so soon after launch.

It’s interesting though nevertheless, especially after the big news that the Xbox One is now going to be $399 this Summer without Kinect.

Give us your early thoughts on what this new PS4 model could possibly entail. Do you think it is just a minor change with some internal hardware differences or something else?



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